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Where Can I Go on Holidays Now?

Holidays aren't over, and so is the never-ending list of the UK’s travel corridor countries! Read more and get clarity on your travel related Covid-19 concerns and pick your preferred quarantine-free holiday destination.

The UK’s 'air bridges' or 'travel corridors' are now considered quarantine-free holiday destinations! So, they do not require a 14-day quarantine on arriving at the destination or even on returning home. However, some of the travel corridors may require a negative PCR test before departure. These quarantine-free holiday destinations that we have included in our list are wholly wallet-friendly and promote super savings.

Stay updated with the latest information on coronavirus, safety and security, entry requirements and, travel restrictions with the FCDO website. Keep browsing our website for further information about travel regulations on these destinations. Watch the space for wide ranges of quarantine-free holiday destinations updated daily, and don't miss out on our picks from the world's leading airlines!

Contact our premium travel experts who will be available to solve your queries and help you plan your time away on your holidays!

Meanwhile, here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on quarantine free holidays:

These restriction policies vary from certain destinations and hotels. On a general term, they will require you to adhere to local rules and restrictions in order to enter. These restrictions include a COVID-19 test (compulsory, in most regions) and self-monitoring via Mobile Monitoring applications.

Generally, the best alternative will be deemed to match the star rating and quality of the hotel that was included in the package. In cases where the flights are still operating, terms and conditions may apply.

A change of hotel is not a major issue for considering a cancellation of the package. So, the next best option will only be an alternative hotel provided to suit you.

Our team is working restlessly to keep you notified. This shall usually be done via outbound email. Or, the best way, you can always call one of our operators or service team members to be informed

The FCO advises regarding cancellations as:

“Travel companies and airlines often take our advice into account but the decision to cancel or reschedule a flight, holiday, tour or excursion is a decision that can only be taken by the travel company and the customer. The question of refunds is a matter that must be resolved between the customer and the relevant airline, tour operator or travel agent. We don’t dictate when travel can or can’t take place.”

Refunds are available at Travel Center adhering to any circumstances, with necessary terms and conditions applied. You can always talk to one of our travel experts or operators at Travel Center to get more information regarding refunds.

It's always extremely important to take out your travel insurance whenever you plan to travel.

In this case, do not panic. If you feel unwell, you can always check the health instructions given by professionals on the FCO website.

Your health and safety matters to us at Travel Center. So, don't worry. We shall do our best to find an alternative that will give you the equal satisfaction of your desired destination.

All the hotels and resorts will have certain number of restrictions for safety and precautionary purposes. Hence, we advise you to check these restrictions out before you book. Our team at Travel Center is ready to give you any detail you require about these restrictions. You can also check out the Foreign & Commonwealth Office website for more information.

Usually not a mandatory requirement, but you can always clarify this concern when you are booking your flight. Our team will enlighten you on such requirements.

No. The UK Government has announced that there is no longer a 14-day quarantine in place for travellers returning from destinations with a reduced risk of Covid-19 transmission. If you need more information, check out the Foreign & Commonwealth Office website for an updated list of all destinations exempted from 14-days quarantine.

This is a rare occasion. Travel Center will not take customers to destinations where they’ll need to self-isolate or quarantine on arrival. The advice of the FCDO shall be followed up instantly, but our customers will be dealt with accordingly.

Yes. Changing your holiday date or destination can be done under certain terms and conditions. You can always talk to one of our premium travel experts at Travel Center for great advise on planning your holiday destination/date amendments.


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