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Christmas Market Deals 2023/2024

Our Christmas market deals take your holidays up a notch

Christmas market breaks have undoubtedly become one of the best things to do during the holidays. It's a time of mellifluous carols, joyful moments and a never-ending string of fairy lights. So, if you find yourself daydreaming about your own Christmas market holiday, don't be alarmed - it's perfectly normal to want to enjoy some of the best Christmas markets in Europe. But while many Christmas markets feature food stalls, music and entertainment, different Christmas market deals promise different experiences & cultures. So, you will need to know what you want! The possibilities of your Christmas market holiday are limitless; it's up to you to narrow it down with the help of our Christmas market deals.

Here's a quick glimpse of the most-visited places for Christmas market breaks, along with what they offer.

For starters, when the Christmas market in Brussels comes to life, it will feature over 240 stalls, selling everything from food, art and crafts to never-ending entertainment. It is definitely on the grander side of Christmas market breaks. If you're leaning towards the Christmas market in Prague (like everyone else), you will be greeted by a vibrant array of stalls, uplifting music and food you can't say 'no' to! Up next on our list of markets to visit for the best Christmas market breaks is the Christmas market of Vienna, the most aesthetically pleasing of them all! You will also need to pay a visit to the Christmas market in Paris if you are one of the many looking for romantic Christmas market breaks. In addition, the Christmas market in Budapest & the Christmas market in Berlin is described as two of the best Christmas markets in Europe, and last, but definitely not least, the Christmas market in Krakow is for those of you who chase the social media allure.

So, there's not much to wait for! Explore our Christmas market deals & get ready for Christmas market breaks like no other. If you’ve already got your eye on a particular destination, make sure to scroll down to the part where we’ve laid out all our latest Christmas market deals.

Frequently asked questions about Christmas market Breaks

Yes, as a matter of fact, several European xmas markets are planning to open this year, and we happen to have Christmas market deals to all of them.

Typically, this varies from destination to destination. But the market is open approximately six weeks every year and usually closes around the 23rd of December. Keep in mind that the final week is always the busiest. The best times to book Christmas market breaks are during the middle and early part of the season.

Travel Center's Christmas market deals are released months in advance, so the earlier you book, the better!

But don't worry, we recognise that not all times can be good times, which is why we give you the chance to book our Christmas market deals with low deposits & flexible instalments.

Yes & no. There are exceptions to this rule; some stalls will accept credit cards. But if you want to be on the safer side, it's best to stop by an ATM and withdraw some money since a good majority of stalls do accept only cash. After all, you only get one shot at making this trip into one of the best Christmas market breaks of all time.

Yes! Travel Center’s Christmas market deals are 100% financially protected by ATOL & ABTA.

Travel Center has a blend of both luxury & wallet-friendly Christmas market deals. Therefore, you won't have any difficulty finding a price that fits your definition of 'perfect’. And since our Christmas market deals are extensive, there’s a good chance you’ll find a price that fits your budget like a glove.

Normally, anytime from 5:00 p.m. & after would be considered the peak hours of a Christmas market. The place will be lit up in fairy lights, the smell of Christmas food begins to waft through the air, and above all, you will not see a closed stall in sight for miles. You don’t get to experience Christmas market breaks like that every day, so keep this piece of information in mind.

Depends on which one of our Christmas market deals you choose. For example, the Christmas market in Vienna might take a whole day for you to explore, while the Christmas market in Nuremberg can be fully scaled in about 2-3 hours. It all weighs on which of our many Christmas market breaks you choose to book!

If you don't mind the crowds, then a weekend visit would be the way to go! But if not, then we'd suggest you visit during the week. If you do intend on booking one of our Christmas market deals, we suggest you call us or enquire more to get the best dates. After all, Unbiased advice & frustration-free service are two of the many things we offer all our passengers.

If you choose to visit a country that has been abruptly moved to the UK red list, you will be offered an alternative where you have the choice of changing the destination or dates as per your preference. If the country is on the red list and the FCDO advises against travelling to this destination, then customers will generally have the right to a refund; however, it is subject to the supplier policies.

Update: as of right now, the UK has decided to drop all countries from its red list. However, in the case of its return, we have decided to retain the above information for your convenience. In addition, we will also work on a solution that is beneficial to you; should the need to cancel your holiday arises.

Based on customer confessionals, the number of available stalls, things to do, and overall activity, here are the best places for Christmas market breaks in 2023/2024.

  • Prague Christmas market
  • Brussels Christmas market
  • Paris Christmas market
  • Edinburgh Christmas market
  • New York Christmas market
  • Krakow Christmas market
  • Vienna Christmas market
  • Basel Christmas market
  • Berlin Christmas market
  • Tallinn Christmas market

If you wish to book a trip to one of the above Christmas markets in 2023/2024, feel free to give our Christmas market deals a chance. After all, it doesn't hurt to look, right?

If you do not intend on flying, then your best shot at a budget-friendly Christmas market holiday lies at the Edinburgh Christmas market. However, keep in mind that we do provide an array of discounts & special offers to make the price tag of your Christmas market holiday less hefty. Translation? Take advantage of our 2023/2024 Christmas market deals.

Looking for a romantic way out of your daily routine? Then look no more! Paris is known for blessing travellers with the most romantic Christmas market breaks one could ask for.

If you're one of the travellers who think 'the bigger, the better,' you should take advantage of our Christmas market deals to Budapest, Vienna or Cologne!

If you're looking for an enjoyable Christmas break for the whole family, then set your sights on Strasbourg, the capital of Christmas. It will be an experience for everyone to remember & our Christmas market deals to these destinations will make your experience even sweeter.

Here is a list of the most easily accessible Christmas markets in Europe.

  • Berlin Christmas Market, Charlottenburg Palace
  • Edinburgh Christmas Market
  • Vienna, Belvedere Palace Christmas Village
  • Cologne Christmas Market, Cologne Cathedral
  • Belfast Christmas Market
  • Barcelona Christmas Market

If you wish to book a trip to any of the above Christmas markets, feel free to browse through our Christmas market deals & enquire more today.

Popular Christmas Market Deals

Gift-wrapped Christmas Market deals just for you!

New York Christmas 2023
Revel in a festive break at one of the most incredible Christmas markets

4 nights from £899 pp

Budapest Christmas 2023
Encounter a Gala holiday festival in this magnificent city with hotel stay & return flights

3 nights from £259 pp

Krakow Christmas Market
Allow yourself to be enchanted by the festive atmosphere of Krakow's Christmas market with unlimited drinks at Pub Crawl!

2 nights from £159 pp

Vienna Christmas
Get into the seasonal spirit at the city's magical Christmas markets

3 nights from £259 pp

Zagreb Christmas 2023
Zagreb Xmas Market w/ Day trip to Ljubljana in scenic train ride

3 nights from £459 pp

Edinburgh Christmas market
Allow yourself to be enchanted by the festive atmosphere at the wonderful Christmas market

1 nights from £169 pp

Prague Christmas Market
Watch medieval buildings glow under the festive lights along with a fantastic choice of Christmas markets

2 nights from £299 pp

Berlin Christmas Market
Enjoy the magic of the season at the 4-star hotel on a Christmas Market break

2 nights from £299 pp

Cologne Christmas Market
Experience the joy with the most beautiful Christmas festivities in Cologne!

2 nights from £399 pp

Rome Christmas 2023
Rome Xmas Market Holiday Incl. Hotel, Tours & Transfers

5 nights from £459 pp

Disneyland Paris Enchanted Xmas
Experience Disney Enchanted Christmas, full of moments you'll treasure forever!

3 nights from £579 pp

Xmas in New York & Las Vegas
Celebrate Xmas in New York and Las Vegas with Hotel stay & flights

7 nights from £1449 pp