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2023 summer holidays
2023 summer holidays

Sun-Stained Summer Holidays 2023

All About Our Best 2023 Package Holidays

This year is off to a great start, and it would be an absolute miss if you didn't take this opportunity to start planning your 2023 holidays. Nothing feels better than stepping off the plane and being hit with the soothing wave of the "holiday essence". The only question we have right now is, "Where are you going on your 2023 holiday?".

We know there are loads of choices! So many options that it's hard to narrow down the most suitable deal! That's where Travel Center UK comes into play! Whether you're considering soaking up the winter sun on a peaceful beach or exploring new lands on your 2023 summer holidays, you can book your desired 2023 holiday right here with us!

Plus, everyone's favourite season is just around the corner (ish); that's why we're rolling out our best 2023 summer holidays. It goes without saying that you've probably missed out on a few adventures these past two years - so we intend on making sure that 2023's summer holiday is PERFECT.

Our 2023 summer holidays come in all shapes and sizes. Short haul? Long haul? Or do you want to whisk your partner away for some romance? A carefree family adventure under the sun, or a 'more-the-merrier' group escape? We have everything you need to take a break from the usual! Our beach holidays and all-inclusive holidays in the summer months are by far the most competitive. So, you need to beat the crowd to book your perfect summer 2023 holiday package.

We’ll also tell you how to hack your holiday using the 2023 UK bank holidays. Keep reading, and we’ll let you know when to book your summer retreat in accordance with the UK’s bank holidays in 2023.

We're also running with the times! After considering what we've all been through these past two years, Travel Center offers unprecedented flexibility and the ability to secure your holidays with incredibly low deposits. So don't sweat it - we've got you covered. It's finally the time to plan that 2023 summer holiday you'll always remember!

Types of 2023 Summer Holidays You Can Book

City Breaks 2023

Your options for a 2023 city break are endless. After all, you can't have a summer holiday without visiting some of the world's best cities! So, whether you want to embark on a romantic retreat to Paris or discover Reykjavik, you're bound to find something you'll like with us. All you must do is take your pick.

dracula's castle romania
Dracula's Castle Romania
Take a guided tour of Bran Castle and see some of Transylvania's historic castles

3 nights from £229 pp

iceland with tours
Iceland with Tours
3-nights Iceland holiday w/ Northern lights & Blue Lagoon

3 nights from £399 pp

amsterdam light festival
Amsterdam Light Festival
Enjoy the Incredible Light Festival including with flight & Hotel stay

3 nights from £229 pp

All-Inclusive Summer Holidays 2023

If relaxing on a gorgeous sun-kissed beach in Tenerife or Fuerteventura or indulging in a luxury family holiday in Maldives, Jamaica, or Ibiza sounds perfect, then our all-inclusive 2023 summer holidays are sure to dazzle. Flight tickets, hotel bookings, food, drink & entertainment - we've got every aspect of your holiday covered.

titanic hotel stay, antalya
Titanic Hotel Stay, Antalya
Beachside Escapade: Discover Antalya's Gems with an Unbeatable Holiday

3 nights from £399 pp

all inclusive marrakech
All Inclusive Marrakech
Marrakech holidays promise a dazzling mixture of culture, exploration and adventure

4 nights from £289 pp

siyam world maldives
Siyam World Maldives
Up to 20% savings on your holiday to Siyam world Maldives with an exceptional list of complimentary perks!

7 nights from £2769 pp

Beach Holidays 2023

We speak for everyone when we say that your 2023 summer holidays wouldn't be complete without a sun-splashed beach thrown into the mix of adventures. Don't worry, though - our holiday deals will help you make that decision almost effortlessly. From beachfront hotels in the Algarve to pieces of paradise in Greece and Spain, we've hand-picked some of the most ideal destinations for your 2023 summer holidays.

luxury zakynthos getaway
Luxury Zakynthos Getaway
Unveiling the Glamour of Zakynthos: A Dive into Luxury

3 nights from £379 pp

corfu easter and summer holiday 2024
Corfu Easter and Summer Holiday 2024
Experience unforgettable moments in Corfu's sun-soaked summer paradise

5 nights from £299 pp

tropical escape: punta cana
Tropical Escape: Punta Cana
Experience Ultimate All-Inclusive Luxury on the Beachfront of Punta Cana

7 nights from £1339 pp

Multi-Centre Summer Holidays 2023

Who said you just had to visit one destination? Experience more in one go with our multi-centre summer holidays 2023! Combine your far-eastern adventure with Dubai or experience a stunning holiday in the Philippines and Thailand. If you can't decide between a beach holiday or a city break, do both with our USA quad city multi-centre holiday! Take in unbelievable sights, travel to world-famous attractions, and make memorable recollections when you book a 2023 multi-centre holiday.

unleash the magic of asia with cruise stay
Unleash the Magic of Asia with Cruise Stay
26% savings on your holiday to Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam & Japan with Ha Long Bay cruise

15 nights from £2299 pp

iceland, niagara falls & new york
Iceland, Niagara Falls & New York
27% savings on your holiday to 3 iconic destinations including hotels, flights, trains & more

9 nights from £1099 pp

dubai and mauritius
Dubai And Mauritius
Luxury Dubai & Mauritius Escape with 5-star accommodation and return flights!

10 nights from £1799 pp

Ski Holidays 2023

Tired of all the summer sun we're serving? Don't worry; you'll be able to escape the heat and cool off with our 2023 ski holiday packages. After all, we do offer a perfect holiday that includes everything from top-notch accommodations to experience-packed itineraries. On your 2023 ski holiday, book a stay at the ski resorts of Chamonix, France, for a beautiful chalet. Throw some snowballs or build a snowman while skiing with your family on the white powder of Bansko, Bulgaria. Visit a breathtaking hotel in Andorra with your family or a beautiful mountain hotel in Borovets and enjoy winter like never before.

borovets ski break
Borovets Ski Break
20% savings on your holiday to Bulgaria with Half Board basis, Ski passes, Equipment & Return flights

5 nights from £499 pp

andorra ski break
Andorra Ski Break
Ski resort break with ski pass & return flights

3 nights from £449 pp

chamonix ski break
Chamonix Ski Break
France ski break incl. return flights & Unlimited ski passes

3 nights from £559 pp

Disney Holidays 2023

You can't have a perfect summer without a little nostalgia! That's why we've come up with a range of our best 2023 Disney holidays. Make memories that last a lifetime by feeling the magic of Disneyland, Paris. Our range of Disney holidays in Paris is tailor-made to suit all ages, budgets, and desires. The younger ones can dig on Buzz Lightyear's Laser Blast, Big Thunder Mountain, or the overwhelming Mad Hatter's teacups. The daring loops of Indiana Jones are best suited for older children. Book a Disney holiday for 2023 today.

disneyland paris 2023
Disneyland Paris 2023
Paris getaway Inc. 1-day 2-park Disneyland tickets, accommodation & return flights

2 nights from £319 pp

disneyland paris enchanted xmas
Disneyland Paris Enchanted Xmas
Experience Disney Enchanted Christmas, full of moments you'll treasure forever!

3 nights from £579 pp

paris, disneyland paris & new york
Paris, Disneyland Paris & New York
23% savings on your holiday to Paris and New York with Disneyland park tickets, transfers & flights

7 nights from £1399 pp

Frequently Asked Questions About Our 2023 Summer Holidays

The 2023 UK Bank holidays come in handy when you're looking to maximise your time abroad!

Let's look at the UK bank holidays for England and Wales in 2023.
Date Day of the week Bank Holiday
7 April 2023 Friday Good Friday
10 April 2023 Monday Easter Monday
1 May 2023 Monday Early May bank holiday
8 May 2023 Monday Bank holiday for the coronation of King Charles III
29 May 2023 Monday Spring Bank Holiday
28 August 2023 Monday Summer bank holiday
25 December 2023 Monday Christmas Day
26 December 2023 Tuesday Boxing Day

As per the above table, The 2023 UK bank holidays in England and Wales sum up to a total of 9. Therefore, if you book an average 3-day trip on any of these days, you’ll be getting one additional day to relax. It’s a recipe for the perfect weekend break!

There are also 11 Scotland bank holidays, which is the same amount as Northern Ireland bank holidays as well. However, the days are different, and two bank holidays have already passed.

Let's look at the remaining 2023 UK bank holidays for Scotland!
Date Day of the week Bank Holiday
7 April 2023 Friday Good Friday
10 April 2023 Monday Easter Monday
1 May 2023 Monday Early May bank holiday
8 May 2023 Monday Bank holiday for the coronation of King Charles III
29 May 2023 Monday Spring Bank Holiday
7 August 2023 Monday Summer bank holiday
30 November 2023 Thursday Summer bank holiday
25 December 2023 Monday Christmas Day
26 December 2023 Tuesday Boxing Day
And finally, the 2023 UK bank holidays for Northern Ireland
Date Day of the week Bank Holiday
17 March 2023 Friday St. Patrick’s Day
7 April 2023 Friday Good Friday
10 April 2023 Monday Easter Monday
1 May 2023 Monday Early May bank holiday
8 May 2023 Monday Bank holiday for the coronation of King Charles III
29 May 2023 Monday Spring Bank Holiday
12 July 2023 Wednesday Battle of the Boyne (Orangemen’s Day)
28 August 2023 Monday Summer bank holiday
25 December 2023 Monday Christmas Day
26 December 2023 Tuesday Boxing Day

We know some of these UK bank holidays don’t really apply to summer, but it should still help you decide when you should book your spring or winter break.

Note: If a bank holiday falls on the weekend, a substitute weekday becomes a bank holiday, normally the following Monday.

St. Patrick’s Day

A religious celebration held on the 17th of March, 2023, in Northern Ireland.

Good Friday

A Christian holiday commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It is a bank holiday on the 7th of April, 2023.

Easter Bank Holiday 2023

A day that marks the second day of the Octave of Easter. This bank holiday falls on the 10th of April, 2023.

Early May Bank Holiday

A bank holiday in England, Wales & Northern Ireland - it falls on the 1st of May 2023.

Coronation of Charles III and Camilla

The coronation of King Charles III will fall on the 6th of May, which happens to be a Saturday; therefore, the bank holiday will be on the following Monday, the 8th of May, 2023.

Spring Bank Holiday

Spring Bank Holiday or the late May bank holiday is on the last Monday of May each year. In 2023, Spring Bank Holiday will fall on Monday, 29th May 2023.

Orangemen's Day 2023

This Northern Ireland bank holiday is the anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne, also known as Orangemen’s Day. It falls on the 12th of July, 2023.

Summer Bank Holiday

Unlike England, Wales and Northern Ireland, Scotland's summer bank holiday falls on the 7th of August, 2023.

Summer Bank Holiday 2023 for England, Wales & Northern Ireland

The summer bank holiday will fall on the last Monday of the eighth month - the 28th of August, 2023.

St Andrew's Day 2023

Another one of Scotland's bank holidays. The feast day of Saint Andrew falls on the 30th of November, 2023.

Christmas Day 2023

Christmas day falls on the 25th of December, 2023 - a bank holiday for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Boxing Day 2023

The last bank holiday of the year falls on the 26th of December.

Here are the most popular summer holidays based on our customer bookings.

Adults-only Summer Holidays 2023

This is a kid-free zone! Get wild and have the time of your life with our adults-only summer holidays in 2023. Relaxing spas and vibey pool parties await.

Family Summer Holidays 2023

Find an experience everyone in the family likes with our 2023 holiday packages.

Last-minute Summer Holidays

What's life without a little spontaneous holiday? Contact our team of specialists, and we'll help you whip up the last-minute getaway of a lifetime.

It really depends on what you like! So, in short...anywhere. From Europe and Africa to the wonders of the Far East, we have holiday packages to all your favourite holiday destinations.

You can never be too early! Experts suggest that advance bookings get you the best prices, and that’s exactly what we recommend as well. Feel free to get in touch with us and plan your 2023 summer holidays or a regular 2023 escape.

Yes, you can! We have an array of 2023 holidays just waiting for you. Contact us today and bag your bargain.

Our 2023 Holiday deals have already been released and are available for you to book right now! So, there's no need to wait - take a browse through our offers and score the holiday you deserve.

We give all our customers the chance to book their 2023 summer holidays with low deposits and flexible monthly payments. However, we may also have a few seasonal discounts coming up soon - keep an eye out and check back soon.

Your favourite destination might not be the cheapest, but our team of specialists can tailor-make a holiday just for you! This way, you’ll be able to experience your holiday without going out of your budget.

However, here are the cheapest places to holiday in 2023.

  • Portugal
  • Iceland
  • Morocco
  • Greece
  • Sri Lanka
  • Vietnam
  • Bulgaria
  • The Czech Republic
  • Romania
  • Mexico

When you've got kids, you don't want to take risks with your summer holiday. When you book early, you can ensure you find the perfect kid-friendly destination and hotel for your family, which is usually limited. If you're travelling with friends, you'll already have fewer opportunities because some hotels don't allow large groups. To ensure that you can all stay at the same hotel and in rooms nearby, booking now is the way to go. Book now with low deposits while holiday packages and airfares are low.

Book now with a low deposit, and you'll get a gifted choice of dates, deals and destinations with top hotel rooms and conditions. Most of all, you can lock down your perfect holiday for a secured price because ABTA and ATOL financially protect our holiday packages. You can also tailor-make your summer holiday to your favourite destination at a price you never dreamt of.

The real beauty of the holidays is that you can get some sunshine whenever it suits you best. School breaks are your best bet – have a look for getaways in the Christmas, summer, winter sun or Easter holiday seasons. Need a winter break to lighten up the dull, aloof months? Get yourself to a year-round sun destination like the Canary Islands, Majorca or Greece (home for sunsets). The Maldives and Sri Lanka will have your back on your 2023 beach holidays with the best beaches and rugged landscapes. No matter when you plan to fly, you're bound to find some holidays to suit you here.

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