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Paramaribo is the capital and the largest city in Surname. The city holds more than half of the country’s population. The historic inner city of Paramaribo is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Paramaribo started off as a trading post in the early 17th century, and had seen control switch hands quite often between the Dutch and the English until the early 19th century. Holidays to Paramaribo are spent taking in the culture and the warm and humid tropical rainforest climate of the area. Paramaribo is a multicultural city owing to the fact that many ethnicities were brought to the area by the colonial powers. Even to this day, the ethnic makeup of this city includes Creoles, East Indians, Maroons, Javanese, Portuguese, Native Americans, Levantine, Chinese, and Europeans primarily of Dutch and English origin. The city is also home to some of the oldest Muslim and Jewish communities in the western hemisphere. Travel Center offers all inclusive holidays to Paramaribo, and makes sure yours is a memorable one. Get in touch with one of our experts today, and leave everything to us. Book holidays to Paramaribo with us and experience the attractive capital city of Suriname at its very best.


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Time Zone

UTC/GMT -3:00 hours

Airlines Flying

KLM, Insel Air, Caribbean Airlines



Best Time to Travel

February to April, August to November

Modes of Transport

Bus, Taxi, Car

Currency Exchange Rate

1.00 GBP = 5.88 SRD

Check out our Top 10 attractions in and make sure you don't miss it

Independence Square

Located in Gravenstrat the Independence Square is home to the Presidential Palace. The main part of the building was built in the 18th century with modern extensions added on over the years. The building and the vast gardens are available for viewing only on Independence Day November 25th.

The Ministry of Finance

Many of Paramaribo’s buildings are constructed with wood; this is why the Ministry of Finance building constructed in brick is unique. The bricks are in fact the red bricks that were used as weights on the Dutch ships that sailed in from the Netherlands; this was of course during the country’s colonial days.


The Palmentium Garden was at first part of the beautiful Presidential Palace gardens. It was later separated to create the beautiful Palmentium Park. Enjoy the palm fringed paths and verdant picnic enclaves within the serene confines of the gardens.

Fort Zeelandia

Located in Kleine Combeweg the fort built by the French colonists is over 350 years old. The English later modernised the fort which was also used by the Dutch. In 1667 it was given its present name and later transformed into a museum around the 20th century.

Waterside Boulevard

The waterside boulevard was constructed after the devastating fires that destroyed the city in 1821 and 1832. These were originally the homes of merchandisers later converted to shops and restaurants; the white brick buildings called the waaggebouw are visible across the river. Close to the Waterside Boulevard is the ferry stop.

The Central Market

The Central Market of Suriname located in Paramaribo is where you will come across an eclectic blend of goods. The Suriname people being of mixed origin gives way to goods being created with strong African and Indian influences.

The Reformed Church

The original church was destroyed in the famous fire of 1821; it was however re-built to resemble the original construction in 1837. There are eight sides to the church while the yellow toned cathedral of St Petrus and Paulus located to the right of the church is one of South America's largest wooden constructions.

Commewijne River

Do take a tour on the river for chances of spotting friendly dolphins and other wildlife. The ambiance is quite soothing and relaxing while the tours across the lake are ideal for a spot of adventure and interaction with the friendly mammals.

Peperpot Nature Park

Peperpot Nature Park is ideal for those who love plenty of outdoorsy fun. Along the nature trail you are bound to catch sight of monkeys, various bird species and other wildlife indigenous to Suriname. The 3.2km path is littered with butterflies and varied species of flora and fauna.


This is a sugarcane plantation set up by Jews fleeing Spain and persecution. The historic site is home to ancient graves and synogogues, it is an ideal example of how slave labour was used to maintain the vast plantations when Jodensavanne was exploited by the French.