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Revel in the Caribbean splendours of Suriname. Book holidays to Suriname and relish the gorgeous wilderness like splendours; of the nation bordered by Brazil and Guyana. Culture buffs are in for a marvellous treat for Suriname is influenced by the cultures of Dutch, Jewish, American Indian and African. A nature lovers haven Suriname has within its folds many virgin rainforests and free flowing rivers, plan on booking yourself a trek through the verdant jungles and be rewarded with sights and sounds of unspoilt nature and wildlife. All-inclusive holidays to Surname leave you with a choice of accommodation options to choose from. Select form a location that is best suited to your needs. For instance the capital Paramaribo set up around the Suriname River is a bustling port city that is resplendent with ancient Dutch architecture – a testament to the country’s colonial past. Holidays to Suriname from Travel Center will leave in awe of the wildlife; the jungles are teeming with exotic creatures, giant termite nests, monkeys, wild cats and more. If you have a taste for adventure head over to the swamps infested with mammoth anacondas, crocodiles, boa constrictors and piranha. Plan your holiday to Suriname today!

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Time Zone

UTC-03:00 hours

Airlines Flying




Best Time to Travel

November to April

Modes of Transport

Car, Bike, Taxi, Bus

Currency Exchange Rate

1.00 GBP = 5.88 SRD
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