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Holidays To Asuncion

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Asunción is interesting and will take time for you to truly discover and that is part of its charm. It is a visually stunning city with original colonial buildings and it has a historic section that can be explored by foot. At the same time the city also has modern shopping malls and happening nightclubs so that you weave effortlessly between the past and the present. Asunción was founded back in 1537 when independence was declared from Spain and holidays to Asunción take you back in time as it was once the colonial capital of the southern South America. Eating is an adventure with the many eateries and restaurants around. You can walk around and absorb the culture and get a feel of the city. Walk to the Bay of Asunción and feel the cool breeze on your face as you breathe in the clear air. Book holidays to Asunción and enjoy a great mix of past and present. Travel Center all inclusive holidays to Asunción take care of all the planning for you from air tickets, to accommodation and even tours so that you do not have worry about any of the details. Just pack your bags and prepare to have fun!


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Travel Tips for when you're in Asuncion

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Time Zone

UTC+04:00 hours

Airlines Flying

TAM Linhas Aéreas, Air Europa


Guarani, Spanish

Best Time to Travel

January to March, July to September

Modes of Transport

Bus, Taxis, Boats

Currency Exchange Rate

1.00 GBP = 8582.29 PYG

Check out our Top 10 attractions in and make sure you don't miss it

Visit Museo Boggiani

Paraguay has over 500 indigenous communities. The Museo Boggiani located about 30kms from Asuncion is in San Lorenzo; it is home to an expert collection of artefacts across these various groups. Take the tour and learn about their cultures and traditions.

Check out the Palace de los Lopez

The presidential palace or Palace de los Lopez is a stunning white façade constructed in the 19th century. The best time to visit this is at night; when a hundred lights light up the building. The bar of the Manzana de la Riviera offers excellent views of the palace.

Enjoy a Meal at the Lido

The Lido is Paraguay’s most famous eatery. It is a restaurant serving traditional Paraguay meals; what’s unique about the place is the bevy of waitresses shouting out orders in a tradition that is brought down from 1953. Go there for the homely ambiance and taste of local culture.

Explore the Tumultuous Political History of Paraguay

The Museo de la Memoria set up in 2006 serves as reflection of the many human rights violations that took place in the country; during the 35 year long dictatorship. The sad and violent past of the country is carefully chronicled at the museum.

Cool Down with a Herbal Tea at Plaza de la Heroes

The city centre Plaza de la Heroes is an ideal spot to chill out and enjoy the sunny weather – in the shade. There you will come across vendors selling terere which is a cool tea made with herbs. The tea is sipped leisurely through a metal straw.

Asuncion Municipal Theatre

The shows at the Asuncion Municipal Theatre are quite an act. Opened in 1889 the theatre is known for its orchestral performances, the harp being one of the foremost in traditional Paraguayan musical instruments.

Markets of Asuncion

The open markets of Asuncion are a must for all shopaholics. Entrance is at the juncture of Avenida Petirossi and Calle Republica Francesca. The markets are bustling havens of happy shoppers; there you can buy anything from vegetables to electronics and even pirated DVD’s.

Watch a Soccer Match at Defensores del Chaco Stadium.

Asuncion’s largest soccer clubs Club Olympia and Club Cerro Porteno battle it out quite regularly at the Defensores del Chaco Stadium as well as the private turf of one of the club houses. Mingle with the locals and let soccer fever take over.

Chill at Britannia Pub

The coolest beer is the most popular in Asuncion. Britannia Pub is a favourite amongst the locals and is a friendly place to spend an evening nursing an ice cold beer. If you fancy a classier setting head over to the Planta Alta which is a pub cum art gallery located in downtown Asuncion.

Lake Ypacarai

Just 20kms from Asuncion the lake is located in the beautiful countryside of Aregua. Ideal for a day trip the place is cool and shady; quite inviting for a leisurely picnic.