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Holidays To Cayenne

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In Cayenne you will experience a melting pot of cultures as is it at the crossroads of Europe, South America and the Caribbean. Visit this city and be enchanted by the vibrant colours, as you walk down streets with picture book type louvered shutters painted in bright attractive hues and wrought iron balconies. If you are a foodie then you are in for a definite treat with a range of Chinese, Creole and French restaurants to choose from. Holidays to Cayenne are filled with fun activities such as canoe rides that range from calm rides to more challenging rapids to vising magnificent waterfalls like the Fourgasse Falls that take your breath away. A visit to Devil’s Island will be an adventure as it was a location where political prisoners were held. The Marshes of Caw is another very interesting adventure to have. Travel Center all inclusive holidays to Cayenne is the best way to experience a holiday in this wonderful city. All your travel needs are taken care of from accommodation, to tours, to flight tickets so that there is nothing for you worry about. So book holidays to Cayenne and be prepared to have experience after experience.


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Time Zone

UTC-03:00 hours

Airlines Flying

Air France


French, Creole, English

Best Time to Travel

August to December

Modes of Transport

Bus, Taxi, Car

Currency Exchange Rate

1.00 GBP = 1.36 EUR

Check out our Top 10 attractions in and make sure you don't miss it

Îles du Salut

A famous attraction of tourist cruises, Îles du Salut was once the home of prisoners. Today this Island is a beautiful piece of land featuring a wide array of wildlife. Visitors can relax at the tourist facilities and recreation spots here or have a stroll through the various prison monuments of this island.

Hattes Beach

The most important single-nesting site in the world for giant leatherback turtles, Hattes Beach is a popular wildlife attraction among nature-lovers. Visitors can learn about turtles from the museum located close to the Hattes beach. A main attraction of the Beach is viewing the laying and subsequent protection of turtle eggs.

Guiana Space Centre

A mix of rockets and rainforests, the Guiana Space Center gives visitors the opportunity to view a space launch from the jungle. Visitors to the Space Center can take a comprehensive tour of the facility that provides them an insight into the history of the center as well as space travel. A Space Museum is also located at this Center.

Tresor Nature Reserve

A famous attraction for wildlife exploration, Tresor Natural Reserve features a beautiful eco-system and a rich wildlife. Visitors to this nature-lovers paradise can enjoy the rich and diverse bird life that adds plenty of colour and life to the environment. Boat tours through the wetlands are a great way to explore this reserve.

Remire-Montjoly Beach

A scenic beach, Remire-Montjoly Beach features the best stretch of sand and sea in Cayenne. A famous tourist attraction for sun bathing, the beach is bordered by pine trees and rich greenery. Visitors can enjoy the sun, sand and have a quick dip in the sea when it is not too rough.

Pirogue River Trip

The Pirogue River Trip gives visitors an opportunity to explore the wildlife of French Guiana by paddling through the Jungle. The main feature of this trip is that visitors can enjoy splendid views of creatures in their natural habitat. The species on show here includes capybara, caiman, and plenty of monkeys.

Camp de la Transportation

Once a chilling camp for prisoners, Camp de la Transportation now stands as a monument that witnessed the brutality to prisoners. The Camp features rusty shackles and solitary confinement cells with tiny windows giving an insight to the life of prisoners’ decades ago. Visitors to Cayenne can join in this free tour.

Place Victor Schoelcher Market

The main market in Cayenne, Place Victor Scholecher Market is named after the man who ended slavery in French Guiana. Visitors can explore this fascinating market and experiencing the exotic aromas, fragrant spices, colorful tropical fruits and Asian snacks available here. This busy market displays the spicy and colorful life of locals.

Musée Départemental De Franconie

Housed in a 19th century wooden building, this Museum provides visitors an insight in to the history of Cayenne through its numerous artifacts. Visitors can walk around this museum admiring its magnificent fauna and flora and then hop inside to explore the colonial history, indigenous people and penal colonies of Cayenne.


Located along the Comte River, a trip to Cacao features shopping at markets and exploration rides. Hiking and paddling on the River are famous activities at Cacao. Cacao also features an extensive collection of bugs and butterflies that can be explored by visitors. The city of Cacao features wooden houses built according to Asian architecture.