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Cuenca is a city in Ecuador. The capital of the Azuay Province, it is located in the highlands of Ecuador at an elevation of about 2,500 metres above sea level. It has a population of approximately 400,000, with a total of 700,000 considering the larger metropolitan area. The area around Cuenca is known to have been inhabited for more than 10,000 years, and early nomadic tribes thrived on the animal life present in the area. If you are going on your holidays to Cuenca, you will be enchanted by the city’s many historical buildings and cultural attractions. The city is also picturesque owing to its location high up. Among the attractions in Cuenca are The Old Cathetral, the New Cathedral, the Park Abdon Calderon, the Monestary of El Carmen de Asuncion, the Monastery and Museum of La Concepcion, and House of the Ecuadorian Culture. The city also has several other points of interest. Travel Center offers all inclusive holidays to make your trip to Cuenca a memorable one. Get in touch with one of our experts today, and leave everything to us. Book holidays to Cuenca with us and experience this amazing holiday destination in Ecuador at its very best.


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Time Zone

UTC-05:00 hours

Airlines Flying

American Airlines, Copa Airlines, Delta


Morlaco Spanish

Best Time to Travel

June to December

Modes of Transport

Bus, Taxi, Car

Currency Exchange Rate

1.00 GBP = 1.47 USD

Check out our Top 10 attractions in and make sure you don't miss it

Casas Colgadas

The most famous tourist attraction of Cuenca, Casas Colgadas is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Popularly known as the Hanging Houses, Casas Colgadas is a complex of houses built on the edge of a cliff. A climb to Casas Colgadas will present spectacular views of the cliff and it surrounding environs.

Museo de Arte Abstracto Español

A Museum that displays abstract art of the Spanish, Museo de Arte Abstracto, is located in a building that consists of the 15th Century architecture. The Museum comprises over one hundred beautiful sculptures and paintings, presenting visitors the opportunity to admire the masterpieces of artists of the 1950s and 1960s.

Convento de las Carmelitas Descalzas

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this Church was the home for the Carmelite order of nuns in the 17th Century. A popular tourist attraction in Cuenca, this Church is located at the city’s highest point presenting a magnificent view of the Huécar River. The Church also features a famous painting by popular artist José Hidalgo.

Cajas National Park

Located on a landscape of hills and valleys, the Cajas National Park is spread across 28,554 hectares. The high grassland eco-system of this Park features an extensive collection of trees and highly endangered and endemic animals. Visitors to the Park can engage in bird-watching while enjoying its spectacular natural beauty.

Catedral de Santa María la Mayor

A popular landmark in Cuenca, the Catedral de Santa María la Mayor is located in the town’s main square. Dating back to the 12th century, this Cathedral features a Norman and Gothic architecture. A visit to this Cathedral will leave visitors in awe of its exquisite gold work, elegant altarpieces, antique liturgical objects, and valuable tapestries.

Religious Music Week

Visitors looking to experience the culture of Cuenca, must visit Cuenca during its colorful festival coinciding with Easter Celebrations. Featuring concerts of religious music performed by world-class artists, this festival attracts tourists from around the world. A must-see experience, this Festival speaks of the religious values of the Cuenca people.

Oratorio de San Felipe de Neri

Built in the 17th century this church displays a Rococo style architecture. The Oratorio de San Felipe de Neri Church features a plain exterior and an elaborate interior adorned with side chapels and decorative columns. Tourists are allowed to visit this Church during hours of worship to explore the culture and religious beliefs of the Cuenca people.

Museo de Cuenca

Featuring a remarkable collection of archaeology, enthology and fine arts, this Museum consists of 3 floors. The main attraction of this Museum is its exotic first-century marble bust of Lucius Caesar. Visitors to this beautiful Museum can gain a first-hand experience on life and times during the ancient Roman rule.

Iglesia de la Virgen de la Luz

A Church with breathtaking beauty, Iglesia de la Virgen de la Luz is dedicated to Virgin Mary. The Church architecture is a perfect blend of the Rocco and austere architectural styles. Visitors to this Church can view its Black Madonna, a statue that showcases Virgin Mary and the Lord Jesus in black skin.

Nuestra Senora de las Angustias

A 17th century shrine and monument, Nuestra Senora de las Angustias is an exotic wooden sculpture that depicts a sorrowful Lady Mary with her son, Lord Jesus. A stroll around this extremely sacred monument will provide visitors the opportunity of capturing some beautiful moments on camera in this artistically landscaped hermitage site.