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At first it may not seem like a happening holiday destination but Cali is a city that slowly but surely delivers on the fun factor. This is a place to visit if you are looking for a holiday with substance and authenticity. It is not an overtly touristy place but is filled with great places to eat, chill out, activities and an exciting nightlife. During the day the mountain breeze will keep you relaxed as you walk around. Holidays to Cali will definitely include some salsa! It is the city to get your groove on and try your hand at some sexy salsa and wow the dance floor. If the salsa does not tire you out travel out of the city towards the old sugarcane plantations for a glimpse into the past to see how the Colombian elite lived. The old haciendas make for an interesting visit and some have been converted into museums. Cali’s zoo is one of the best in the country with an admirable collection of indigenous species. The city’s oldest church the Iglesia de la Merced is also well worth visiting while in Cali. Travel Center all inclusive holidays to Cali take the hassle out of planning your trip and allow you to concentrate on enjoying every moment. So book holidays to Cali today and start practicing your salsa moves!


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Time Zone

UTC/GMT -5:00 hours

Airlines Flying

American Airlines


Spanish, English

Best Time to Travel

July, December

Modes of Transport

Taxi, Bus

Currency Exchange Rate

1.00 GBP = 4721.84 COP

Check out our Top 10 attractions in and make sure you don't miss it

Cali Zoo

Spread across a massive area of 10 hectares, the Cali Zoo is home to over 1200 animals. The Zoo features educational, recreational and investigative programs for visitors. A popular tourist attraction, the Cali Zoo comprises 5 different sections - primates, butterflies, ocean and river fish, amphibians and reptiles, and birds.

Cali Tower

A famous landmark, the Cali Tower dominates the city skyline. Comprising 46 stories, the tower has a full height of 211 meters making it the third largest tower in Colombia. Built featuring early 80’s architecture, a climb up to the Cali Tower presents panoramic views of the City for visitors.

Estadio Olímpico Pascual Guerrero

The Sports Capital of America, Cali features one of the finest and modern stadiums in Latin America - the Estadio Olímpico Pascual Guerrero. This magnificent Stadium features suits and sky boxes and can hold a capacity of 35,000 people. In addition to Sports, musical events also take place at this popular stadium.

Cristo Rey

A famous tourist attraction in Cali, Cristo Rey is a beautifully sculptured statue of the Lord Jesus Christ. The monument is 26 meters tall and is modeled with cement and clay. Visitors can climb up to the summit of Valle del Cauca hill to admire this monument along with the other sculptures on the hill.

Andoke Butterfly Reserve

A magnificent butterfly reserve, Andoke features a beautiful eco-system for nature lovers. Andoke also comprises an educational center for kids that enhance their knowledge on the lifecycles of butterflies. Located in a beautiful environment, this Reserve also features species of ants, bees, frogs and fourteen species of hummingbirds in addition to its butterflies.

Museo Aereo Fenix

A spectacular Aircraft Museum, Museo Aereo Fenix features a collection of aircrafts, aircraft engines and flight suits dating from before the Second World War to date. The main objective of Musei Aereo Fenix is to present visitors an educational experience with its instructive guides, elaborate modelling workshops and informative exhibits.

Pance River

A popular recreational destination in Cali, the Pance River is one of the major rivers here. The initial part of the river comprises pristine and clean water safe for bathing. Visitors to the river can enjoy a cool and refreshing dip, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Museo La Tertulia

The first modern art museum in Cali, Museo La Tertulia showcases collections of American and Colombian Art. The Museum comprises 3 sections - the history museum, art in place and art as experience. The Museum features drawings, screen printings, engravings, paintings, sculptures and photography. Visitors can admire a wide variety of artwork at this Museum.

Acuaparque de Tardes Calenas Rozo

A major tourist attraction in Cali, Acuaparque de Tardes is an aqua park that offers family entertainment. The Aqua Park features water slides, wave pools, regular pools and various water sports. Visitors here can enjoy the water activities and then relax at its splendid recreation spots enjoying a delicious meal from any of the Park’s restaurants.

Square Cayzedo

The main square in Cali, Square Cayzedo was an absolute beehive of entertainment and activity during colonial times. The main features of the magnificent Square Cayzedo include the beautiful National Palace, the Otero Building, the statue of a war hero and the Cathedral of San Pedro. An absolute must-visit attraction in Cali.