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Holidays To Punta Arenas

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Punta Arenas is a city in Chile. It is the capital city of the country's southernmost region, Magallanes and Antarctica Chilena. Punta Arenas is significant in several ways. It is the largest city south of the 46th parallel south, and it has been of logistical and political importance to Chile and the South American continent. It is also one of the key access points to Antarctica owing to its close proximity to it. If you are an intrepid adventurer who wants to visit Antarctica as a part of your life experience, book your holidays to Punta Arenas, and let it be your access point to the South Pole. The city of Punta Arenas itself is quite picturesque with colourful houses and busy port. Be warned, though, as it can get quite cold in the austral winter owing to it being so far south. Be sure to visit the Nao Victoria Museum. Travel Center offers all inclusive holidays to make your trip to Punta Arenas a memorable one. Get in touch with one of our experts today, and leave everything to us. Book holidays to Punta Arenas with us and experience this amazing holiday destination in Chile at its very best.


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Time Zone

UTC/GMT -3:00 hours

Airlines Flying

LAN Airlines, American Airlines, TAM Linhas Aereas



Best Time to Travel

November to February

Modes of Transport

Bus, Taxi, Car

Currency Exchange Rate

1.00 GBP = 1051.44 CLP

Check out our Top 10 attractions in and make sure you don't miss it

Magdalena Island

A national monument, Magdalena Island is home to several species of sea birds. Enjoy a splendid penguin tour while interacting with penguin colonies at Magdalena Island. Capture pictures of mesmerizing moments of sea creatures at Magdalena Island. Sail through its waters to admire sea lions, dolphins, sea elephants and cormorants.

Cape Froward

Located at the southernmost point of South America, Cape Froward is known for its harsh climate of rains and winds. The Cape is a large cross that marks the end of the large American continent. For adventure lovers, Cape Froward is a challenging trekking destination with amazing fauna and flora.

Los Pinguinos

A popular tourist destination, Los Pinguinos is a natural monument that showcases penguins and other wildlife. Los Pinguinos is estimated to have 60,000 breeding pairs of penguins. Walk through their natural habitat to interact with the penguins and other creatures and climb up the lighthouse for panoramic views of the island.

Alberto De Agostini National Park

A stunning mountain range, this park showcases an amazing sight of mountains that appear to be small islands that sink into the ocean. This UNESCO biosphere reserve, is beautifully sculpted by glaciers. The unique and pristine eco system of the park features a wide range of unique fauna and flora.

Santa Ines Island

The largest Island of Punta Arenas, Santa Ines Island consists of a National Reserve and a Marine Protected area. A visit to this Island will present an opportunity for visitors to view spectacular sea creatures and some amazing coastline scenery. The Island is home to a popular ice field - Grandes Ventiqueros.

Cementrio Municipal

One of the most beautiful cemeteries in the world, this cemetery is a National Monument of Chile. Spread across 4 hectares, this public cemetery is home to famous figures of the Punta Arenas history. The notable figure of this cemetery is a figurine angel that stands with its head bowed.

Nao Victoria Museum

Presenting an interactive experience with replicas of ships, this museum gives visitors an insight to traditional ship building techniques and historic significance of ships in capturing territories. The famous collections of this museum includes full-sized ship replicas, weapons, ancient navigation tools and documents related to historic ships and ship-building techniques.

Plaza Munoz Gamero

A magnificent plaza located in a quadrant street-center, the Plaza Munoz Gamero is a picturesque building with its breath taking architecture and beautifully lined trees. The center-piece of the plaza consists of a bronze sculpture that represents navigator Ferdinand Magellan. A tourist attraction this plaza consists of souvenir shops and vendor stalls.

Monumento Al Ovejero

Located at the center of Punta Arenas, this monument is a bronze sculpture comprising of 12 life-sized figures. The monument depicts a shepherd guiding his sheep in a harsh climate. This must-see monument was built as a part of an artistic performance accompanied by a poem staged in the 1940s.

Teatro Municipal

A famous theater at Punta Arenas, Teatro Municipal showcases the splendid culture and history of Punta Arenas. This theater hosts artistic performances that include operas, concerts, ballets and presentations. A great place for family entertainment, this theater attracts thousands of visitors and is a fast-growing attraction in Punta Arenas.