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Holidays To Curitiba

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Founded in the 17th century as a gold-mining camp, Curitiba is considered as one of the best urban planned cities in the world. Today the city has an eclectic mix of Brazilian culture and European influence. The inhabitants of Curitiba enjoy a quality of life not seen anywhere else in Brazil and for a visitor it is a great place to relax and experience a different sort of Brazil. Holidays to Curitiba will include visits to some well-preserved parks that are rich in diverse types of flora and fauna and Curitiba is recognized as the Ecological Capital of Brazil. Theater goers and classical music lovers are in for a treat as Curitiba has several theaters and areas for performances. The city is filled with many places of interest to visit and experience such as the Arab Memorial, the Jerusalem Fountain, the Memory Fountain and the Maria Lata D’Agua Fountain. It is easy to travel around Curitiba as it has an efficient transport system which makes getting around convenient and fast. Travel Center all inclusive holidays to Curitiba are a great way to enjoy a well-organized holiday where every moment is packed with excitement. All your needs are taken care of from flight tickets to accommodation to tours so that holidays to Curitiba are filled with memory making adventures. So be sure to book holidays to Curitiba today.


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Travel Tips for when you're in Curitiba

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Time Zone

UTC/GMT -3:00 hours

Airlines Flying

TAM, Condor Airlines, Tap Air Portugal


Portuguese, German, Italian, English

Best Time to Travel

December to March

Modes of Transport

Bus, Tram

Currency Exchange Rate

1.00 GBP = 5.95 BRL

Check out our Top 10 attractions in and make sure you don't miss it

The Wire Opera House at Quarry Park

Enjoy sights of this unique theatre building designed by Domingos Bongestabs. The entire structure is made of rounded steel that is covered in a see through polycarbonate. The theatre can be reached by crossing a bridge. It is located in an ex quarry home to waterfalls and lush vegetation.

Historic District

The historic district of Curitiba is rife with 18th and 19th century buildings. Explore the Red House 1891 and 18th century Church of St. Francis. The Casa Romario is the oldest building in the city while vintage Memorial de Curitiba is where artistic exhibits, plays and musicals take place.

The Botanical Garden

The Curitiba Botanical Garden boasts a staggering variety of flora and fauna while the jewel is the greenhouse. Made of glass and steel the greenhouse is designed on the lines of London’s Crystal Palace. The cultural centre and Botanical Museum are other lures present there.

Browse the Restaurant District

Enjoy a taste of traditional Italian customs by browsing the Italian inspired restaurant district of Curitiba. Vintage Italian buildings such as Geranium House, Culpi House and House of Paintings are found there. The Italian fare is excellent and also includes Brazilian Churrasco.

The Oscar Niemeyer Museum

The best of Oscar Niemeyer’s designs, the Museum is set amidst the Pope John Paul II woods. Art works by artists from Parana are displayed there while the wing known as the ‘Eye’ is dedicated to photography.

The Panoramic Tower

The Panoramic Tower is a 360 foot structure that rewards you with a 360 degree view of Curitiba. At the base is a telephone museum which is quite an interesting browse.

Ukrainian Memorial

The end of the 19th century saw over 20,000 Ukrainians immigrate to the Parana region. As a testimony to this is the memorial park of Curitiba. Check out the wooden Ukrainian house there and browse the replica church of St Michael the Archangel.

Visit the Basilica

The Basilica of Holy Mary officially known as Catedral Basilica Menor de Nossa Senhora da Luz de Curitiba; is located in a central spot of the town square considered to be the city’s geodesic centre. The cathedral was built; on a site formerly occupied by a church, around the period of 1876 and 1893.

Shopping Estacao

Shopping Estacao meaning station is probably the best of the 30 malls found in Curitiba. It’s so named since it is housed within a restored train station; the mall boasts 180 shops, eateries and a bowling centre. Make a fun day of your visit to the mall which apart from shopping features a train museum, puppet museum, pharmacy museum and many other interactive exhibits.

Palacio Avenida

The Avenue Palace or Palacio Avenida is the headquarters of HSBC. The building is a favourite landmark at Christmas as choirs of underprivileged children line up at the many windows to serenade the crowds at Christmas. This is a firmly established holiday tradition in Brazil.