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A vibrant melting pot of cultural wonders, the city of Miami is a popular destination for those seeking adventure and excitement in Florida. It is a huge city divided into several districts, each with their own particular brand of flavor. From the bustling downtown district with its malls, theatres, and historic buildings to the groovy cultural centers of the West and South, Miami has got something for everyone! So plan your holidays to Miami for a fun weekend escape or a month-long break that’s sure to spell fun under the sun! One of the most popular destinations in Miami is Miami Beach, a haven for those looking to work on their tans and party hard! South Beach is one of the famous spring break party destinations, and it also features a culturally diverse mix of people, reflected in the exotic eateries that dot the stretch. It is also home to some beautiful Art Deco architecture. Miami is also a gastronomic hotspot and is famed for its brand of “New World cuisine”, which was created in the 1990s. It is a hearty blend of the local produce and the culinary traditions of the Caribbean and Latin America for a delectable end result that is sure to leave your taste buds tingling in delight! So book your all inclusive holidays to Miami via Travel Center pronto!


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Time Zone

UTC/GMT -5:00 hours

Airlines Flying

American Airlines, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Air France, US Airways


English, Spanish

Best Time to Travel

November to March

Modes of Transport

Taxi, Car, Shuttle

Currency Exchange Rate

1.00 GBP = 1.47 USD

Check out our Top 10 attractions in and make sure you don't miss it

South Beach

You can’t visit Miami and not make a stop at Miami’s famous hot spot, South Beach. It is a trendy locale with multiple shopping opportunities and partying. Whether you stay for a day or an entire weekend, South Beach has everything you will need for a comfortable stay. It has great hotels and there are special walking tours available.


The Everglades National Park has a reputation of being one of the most unusual parks in the United States with its 1.5 million acre stretch of swamps, saw-grass prairies and sub-tropical jungles. It is home to 14 rare and endangered species such as the American Crocodile, Florida Panther and the West Indian Manatee. A majority of the park is mostly explored by adventurists and researchers but there are facilities for general visitors to walk, camp and canoe.

Miami Zoo

The Miami Zoo is quickly becoming one of the best zoo’s in the USA. The warm climate here allows it to keep more animals from the African, Asian and Australian continents unlike other zoos. It is a unique zoo in that the animals are not confined to cages. The animals are placed in groups according to their geographical territory and animals whom are known to live together peacefully are kept in the same exhibits.


Located in a convenient location in the middle of the tourist area the Miami Seaquarium is an outdoor aquarium that is only possible in a tropical climate such as Florida and offers marine entertainment and shows with dolphins and killer whales all year round. Other marine animals here are seals and sea turtles.

Miami Museum of Science

This museum has items regarding to all you ever wanted to know about science is great for a visit whether you are a tourist or even for a school field trip. It houses various world-class exhibits such as the Music Musica, The Reclamation Project, Immersion Theatre, Newton's Notions and 40 tons of coral in New York City.

Miami Children’s Museum

This museum’s motto of ‘Play, Learn, Imagine, Create’ is clearly apparent from the exhibits on display here that include exploring a supermarket and a television studio which help children to learn valuable lessons in life. The museum has permanent exhibits some of which are Castle of Dreams, Pet Central and Ocean Odyssey as well as travelling exhibits.

Jungle Island

This fun and educational island was previously known as Parrot Island. The island provides an up-close look at different types of tropical birds in replicas of their natural habitats. It also hosts field trips and educational programs. Apart from the birds it also has other animals like tigers, llamas, skunks and the unique Liger, a cross between a lion and tiger, fish and a variety of plants.

Monkey Jungle

Located in Southern Miami-Dade County at this park the humans are caged up behind wire pathways while the various species of primates swing, frolic and play freely in the trees above and around. The interactions seen here that take place between the monkeys are hard to observe with monkeys in captivity making it a truly unique experience.

Coral Castle

Built in the 1950’s by a Latvian-born Miami resident Ed Leedskalnin, this unique monument was dedicated to his lover. It took him 28 years to create it and weighs 1100 tons. It is also known as Rock Gate and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Due to the fact that Leedskalnin never let anyone watch him work it was speculated the the Coral Castle was in fact constructed through paranormal powers.


This 50-acre estate includes a European-style mansion that was built by James Deering in 1914 and gives you a glimpse into how life was like in South Florida at the turn of the century. The estate is also popular as a venue for weddings and other entertainment events. Your trip to Miami will not be complete if you don’t visit here.