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Holidays To Fujairah

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Plan your holidays to Fujairah to experience the wealth of culture and charm only witnessed in this particular emirate. It is a famous travel hub that links all parts of the UAE, and is fast becoming a tourist draw that promises an unforgettable escape to all those who visit. So if you are looking for the ideal spot to host a weekend break, a week-long escape, or a month-long vacation, Fujairah is the place to be! Perhaps one of Fujairah’s most famous attractions is its beautiful Al Badiyah Mosque, which dates all the way back to the min-fifteenth century. It evokes a rustic feel as it is constructed entirely out of bricks and mud, a far cry from the glamorous mosques that dot the emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Fujairah is also famed as the only emirate to face the Gulf of Oman, which means that you can hire a boat to visit the idyllic islands situated off the mainland. Take a walk around the local souq if you want a glimpse into the local flavor, and snag some charming gifts and trinkets to take back home. The town of Dibba is a popular spot within Fujairah, as it features imposing castles and fortresses that must be explored. Book your all inclusive holidays to Fujairah via Travel Center, your convenient online travel portal!


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Travel Tips for when you're in Fujairah

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Time Zone

UTC+4:00 hours

Airlines Flying

Qatar Airways, Egypt Air


Arabic, English

Best Time to Travel

September to March

Modes of Transport

Taxi, Bus, Car, Train, Airplane

Currency Exchange Rate

1.00 GBP = 5.41 AED

Check out our Top 10 attractions in and make sure you don't miss it

Ain Al Madhab Gardens

These gardens are located in the foothills of the Hajar Mountains. It is a mineral spa and also a park area making it a famous relaxation spot. The gardens include an outdoor theatre that hosts festivals, traditional singing and folklore dances. A heritage village is also located here with displays of fishing boats, cookware and pottery.

Fujairah Fort

The Fujairah Fort was built in 1670 and is the oldest in the UAE. The fort is situated on a hill on the edge of date gardens. It was used as a defensive building and residence for the ruling family. It is made of mud and bricks and has three major sections which are one square tower, several halls and two round towers. An attack by the British in the 20th century caused bad damage to it but has now been restored.

Fujairah Museum

Located close to the fort, this museum has exhibits that will take you through 3000 years of history. Artifacts found in Bithna and Qidfa during archeological digs can be viewed here along with other items such as steel, brass, bronze, silver, gold, soapstone vessels, painted pottery, age weapons, pre-Islamic coins, swords, jewelry, herbs and folklore medicine. One of the most fascinating items on display here is an Ostrich egg that dates back 2200 years.

Bithna Fort

The Bithna Fort is situated just outside of Fujairah city and was built in 1735 and was very important in the defense of the eastern region of the UAE. The fort is made out of mud, brick, adobe and palm wood planking and overlooks the route that runs across the Hajar Mountains through Wadi Ham.

Al Hayl Castle

This castle was used as the headquarters for the ruling family of Fujairah and was constructed about 250 years ago. The castle played an important role in the areas defense and was used for surveillance and patrolling. Through the years the castle has gone through extensive restoration work and is quite magnificent.

Al Bidya Mosque

One of the oldest mosques in the UAE, it was named after a historical town that was connected to it for centuries. It is situated in North Fujairah. The features inside the mosque include a prayer hall, pulpit, arches and openings. The space on the inside is split into four squares by a central pillar. Another name for it is the Ottoman Mosque.


This village was originally a trading post and a place for refueling before the modern highways were constructed in the 1970’s. It is most famous for its natural springs and market that is open all seven days of the week and sells toys, souvenirs, plants, and rugs. There are also several Bronze Age excavation points here. The village is located on the edge of the Hajar Mountains.

Tourist Night Souk

Traditional markets in the Middle East are called souks and Fujairah’s most popular one is the Tourist Night Souk that is located on the cornice. It has over 100 vendors and over 5,000 products from over 15 countries in the region. The souk also has ethnic food and traditional dances and is open until midnight.