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Manama is the vibrant capital of Bahrain where its perfect combination of history, culture and sights make for the perfect holiday destination. It is a city that is dotted with multiple museums which includes one of the most influential and historical buildings in the country, the Museum of Pearl Diving and the National Museum for a glimpse into the fascinating heritage of the country. One of the most common activities in Manama is exploring the colors and marine life beneath its clear waters. Its coastline is famous for pearls and is a great opportunity for an underwater adventure searching for these shimmering stones to take back home with you. Other activities include watching enchanting dolphins in their natural habitat. Manama is suited to both couples and families and will give you memories to last a lifetime. A holiday here is the perfect blend of culture style and history and is also home to one of the largest mosques in the world, the Al-Fateh Mosque and the Bahrain Fort which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. There is an endless array of things to do here so what are you waiting for, contact Travel Center to plan your trip to Manama and experience a wealth of great offers and have the holiday you have always dreamed of.


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Travel Tips for when you're in Manama

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Time Zone

UTC+03:00 hours

Airlines Flying

British Airways, Gulf Air, Emirates, Qantas, Air India


Arabic, English

Best Time to Travel

December to February

Modes of Transport

Taxi, Bus, Car, Train, Air plane

Currency Exchange Rate

1.00 GBP = 0.56 BHD

Check out our Top 10 attractions in and make sure you don't miss it

Old Town Manama

Old Town Manama with its sprawling maze of streets is a dichotomy of old and new and is bursting with energies from a combination of a modern metropolis and historical architecture. The best time to take a tour of this area is between the months of October to April as the heat during the summer months can be too much to do so.

National Museum

This museum which is located on the Corniche brings much pride to the locals because it takes the visitor through the history of the country right from the beginning of time to the modern day. It is well maintained and organized and hosts impressive photographs and displays about Dilmun civilization that was uncovered by Danish archeologists and the ancient traders who eventually settled down here.

The Currency Museum

If you are interested in coins and coin collecting you will love this museum, the exhibits here include rare coins and Islamic currency. It has eight display cabinets that contain a variety of these coins including Byzantine Gold Dinar, the Arabised Silver Dirham, foreign metal coins that were used in the Arabian Peninsula during the periods of 550BC and 1950 and the 1993 BMA second issue of Bahraini Dinars. It also houses a library with books about Islamic and world currencies.

Fabric Bazaar

The narrow streets of this fabric bazaar has fabrics of every color and texture that you could ever imagine being in existence. You can buy inexpensive fabrics here, even if you buy meters of it your final bill will be quite low. This bazaar has fabrics made with both man-made fibers and natural fibers.

Gold Souk

This souk is jam packed full of shops that sell both Gold and Silver jewelry. The moment you walk into this place all the gold, precious stones and jewelry and all the dazzle around will make you feel as though you have just walked into a treasure trove, the collection is that extensive.

Heritage Center

Located in what used to be ancient courts and a short walk from the Bab Al Bahrain building this is a museum that exhibits items covering subjects such as pearl diving, fishing, falconry, modern art and weapons. For a deeper look into the country’s past make sure you view the large archive of historic photographs that are also displayed here.

Manama Souk

The Manama Souk is yet another place where you must definitely visit. The items for sale here include gold jewelry, perfume and spices. It is a genuine mixture of sights, sounds, tastes and textures and they are all displayed on the Old Manama streets haphazardly but in the best sense of the word.

Muharraq Souk

If you have a sweet tooth then this is where you need to go, the Muharraq Souk sells all kinds of sweets and the best Arabic coffee. Soak yourself in the aroma of fresh coffee while you wander through the streets of this souk which is more of an area and not an actual building. This area looks quite like what old Middle-East may have looked like in the past before all of the larger buildings came up.

Rashid Al Oraifi Museum

A good place to visit if you are an art buff is the Rashid Al Oraifi Museum which displays art and artifacts from the Dilmun era. The museum has over a 100 sculptures and paintings. The museum is named after artist Rashid Al Oraifi who also displays his own work here. Some of the prints and silverwork are available for purchase too.

Spice Souk

This extremely colorful and fragrant array of shops is located near the fabric bazaar and sell spices of every color, flavor and scent. You can purchase or even just sample them. Some of the spices sold here include masalas, mustard seeds and majorams. If you are not sure which spices to buy the vendors are very friendly and will help you make the best choice.