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Leeds is a city in West Yorkshire, England. Historically in Yorkshire's West Riding, the history of Leeds can be traced to the 5th century when the name referred to a wooded area of the Kingdom of Elmet. The name has been applied to many administrative entities over the centuries. In the 17th and 18th centuries Leeds became a major centre for the production and trading of wool. Then, during the Industrial Revolution, Leeds developed into a major mill town; wool was the dominant industry but flax, engineering, iron foundries, printing, and other industries were important. Leeds is a city of culture, which makes holidays to Leeds interesting as well as educational. There are many galleries and museums to see, including the Leeds Art Gallery, the National Museum, the Leeds City Museum, the Thackray Medical Museum, Armley Mills Museum and the Abbey House Museum. The city is also home to a notable music scene. Travel Center offers all inclusive holidays to make your trip to Leeds a memorable one. Get in touch with one of our experts today, and leave everything to us. Book holidays to Leeds with us and experience this buzzing city in Northern England at its very best.


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Check out our Top 10 attractions in and make sure you don't miss it

The Royal Armouries

This is the UK’s National Museum of Arms and Armour and is one of the oldest museums in the country and the world. The collections here consist of the National Artillery Collection and the National Firearms Collection. The collection is has been split into three areas of the country one of them being Leeds which was opened in 1996 is where you will be able to view the impressive Hall of Steel.

Kirkstall Abbey

This ruined Cistercian Monastery is located in a public park on the bank of the River Aire and was built in 1152. The monastery was disestablished under the reign of Henry VIII in 1538. In the 19th century it was gifted to the Leeds Corporation by Colonel North and was opened for visitors in 1895.

Thackray Medical Museum

The Thackray Medical Museum was opened in 1997 while the building it is housed in was built in 1858. The museum showcases the history of medicine since Roman times and has won many prestigious awards including ‘Museum of the Year’. It is located next to St. James Hospital. Two of the main exhibits at the museum are Leeds 1842: Life in Victorian Leeds, which showcases the lives, ailments and treatments of eight Victorian characters and Hannah Dyson’s Ordeal which is a video reconstruction of an 1842 surgery that was performed without anesthesia.

Leeds Town Hall

The Leeds Town Hall was constructed between the years 1853 and 1858 and is situated on Park Lane. The building was designed by architect Cuthbert Brodrick according to the Classical/ Baroque style. The town hall was built to show the emergence of Leeds as an important industrial centre. The basement of the building served as an ARP post during World War II and in 1942 Winston Churchill gave a speech on its steps to 25,000 people.

Lotherton Hall

This country house was the residence of multiple important families that included the Nevilles, the De Hothams and the Gascoignes who were the last family to live there. It was used as a V.A.D. Hospital between 1914 and 1918. The estate surrounding the house has an extensive variety of endangered bird species and red deer. During the summer, the grassland in front is used for ball games and picnics.

Alhambra Theatre

This theatre was named after the Alhambra palace in Spain and was built in 1913 specially for theatre manager Francis Laidler at a cost of £20,000. It was purchased by the Bradford City Council Council in 1974 and was refurbished in 1986. The theatre seats 1,456 people and is now a receiving house for large-scale touring theatre.

National Media Museum

The National Media Museum was opened on 16 June 1983 and consists of seven floors with galleries showcasing permanent exhibitions that focus on multiple media areas such as photography, television, animation, videogaming, the internet and the scientific principles behind light and color. The museums research facility has a collection of 3.5 million pieces and also includes three cinemas.

Bradford Industrial Museum

This museum specializing in relics of local industry like printing and textile was opened in 1974 and offers regular demonstrations on how these industries worked to the public. Other aspects of the museum include a Horse Emporium which occupies the old canteen block and a shop in the mill. There is no charge for entry into the museum.

Bolling Hall

Bolling Hall is currently used as a museum and education center and is one of the oldest buildings in Bradford. The oldest part of this building may have been used as a pele tower in the 14th century due to the fact that Bolling Hall is situated on a hillside. In 1912 it was given to the Bradford corporation and three years later was turned into a museum.

Cartwright Hall

This civic art gallery was opened in 1904 and displays a collection of Victorian and Edwardian artworks that were donated to the gallery by Samuel Lister. It also holds painting and sculptures from Old Masters to the 20th Century. Cartwright Hall has been named after Edmund Cartwright. The building has been designed according to the baroque style of architecture.