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Classy seaside resort Kemer promises all the thrills of a vibrant Mediterranean holiday, from water sports to swimming, golfing and diving under the lush blue skies of Turkey. Get there and savour this great resort with all-inclusive holidays to Kemer from Travel Center. Classy Kemer boasts five star resorts and a large marina where one can see elegant yachts bobbing on the glistening water. Get there with family or friends and enjoy, swimming in the gorgeous Mediterranean, sun-bathing or snoozing on the sun kissed golden beaches amidst a spectacular sunset. Look beyond the pristine beaches and discover a magnificently beautiful country, lush mountains frame the coast making ideal trekking paths while the fresh scent of orange and lemon orchards will fill your senses. Swim in the warm ocean or ski down the icy slopes of Mount Tahtali in winter, that’s right although tropical Kemer is a beautiful land of diverse attractions. The Tahtali Aerial cable car ride is a wondrous experience, the second longest in the world the cable car crosses, pine groves and gorgeous valleys. There are 7th century artefacts to explore here while the city centre is resplendent with many clubs, bars and restaurants for a vibrant night out. All-inclusive holidays to Kemer from Travel Center include cheap flights and affordable accommodation, get planning today and enjoy Kemer!


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Time Zone

UTC+02:00 hours

Airlines Flying

Pegasus Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Aegean Airlines, Swiss Airlines, Saudia



Best Time to Travel

April to May

Modes of Transport

Bus, Taxi, Car

Currency Exchange Rate

1.00 GBP = 4.37 TRY

Check out our Top 10 attractions in and make sure you don't miss it

The Ternal Flame Chimera

There are fixed flames on this mountain, Ç?ral? has a beach of 3,2 km and its breadth alters amid 50-100 meters. Beyond its pure charm, it has an amazing allure along with the nearby Olympos city, Yanarta? mentioned in mythology, orange gardens and greenhouses.

The Gondola and Mounta Tahtali

Mount Tahtal?, situated in Antalya-Kemer, with its elevation of 2365m is the mountain nearest to the ocean on the southern shoreline of Turkey. Europe's lengthiest gondola would raise you up to the summit and you could relish a marvellous sight.

The Mosque in Kemer

The mosque in Kemer was properly opened in the fall of 2011, and can hold 3,000 people Establishment was financed by contributions, and by some of those who possessed the land, gave their share of the land to the mosque.

2400 year old Phaselis

You could get to the Ancient city Phaselis simply by sea and land and also by trekking since it is situated inside Tekirova town and 2 km far from the town hub. Most of the remains discovered currently apply to Roman and Byzantium eras. You could encounter history and nature jointly in Phaselis Ancient city.

Eko Park in Tekirova

The Ecological Natural Park engulfs the region of 40 000 m2 and is the initial flora and herpeto fauna (flower, reptile and amphibian) park foundation in the world. Eko park is a refuge for various flora and reptiles that are under risk of eradication.

Nomad Park

Kemer was the once the native land of the Yörüks, a wandering Turkomen tribe, templates of the quickly vanishing Yörük lifestyle are retained in the region amid the dock and Moonlight Park. There Yörük arrange sac börek, a pastry made on iron grill. A tiny ethnographic museum is also situated in the park.


An historic city in Lycia, it was positioned in a river valley nearby the shore. Its remains are situated south of the current town Ç?ral? in the Kumluca region of Antalya Province, Turkey. Along with the sites of the historic cities Phaselis and Idyros it is a portion of the Olympos Beydaglari National Park.

The Sunken Ship Paris II

Resting 33 meters deep on the floor at the shore to the Kemer Marina, it's one of the most significant sunken ships. In the ravine, a desired diving place in the region, big string ray and other fishes could be seen. You could also view diminishing animals, the Mediterranean seal and groups of tuna fishes in these waters.

Idyros Archaic City

Remains have been discovered in the excavations that were done in 1976-1977 by Antalya Museum. In the excavations, Byzantine wall ruins, three doorjambs, a door that brings to mind abscissa and church ruins were discovered. The floor of the church is blanketed by collages created of orange, clay red, white and gray stones.

Beldibi Cave

The Cave is at the foot of the limestone rocks extending in to the sea possessing a height of 25 m. It consists of 2 parts, on the Cave’s partitions the conventionalized pictures were found, together with the tiny pebble and skeletal portion sculpted utensils associated with the similar time length.