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Kiruna is the northernmost town in Sweden, located in the territory of Lapland, the city's locality splits a lengthy past with the native Sami people, with proof of nearly 6000 years of colonization. The city of Kiruna was established in 1900 and rapidly turned into a vital hub of iron ore removal and mining business. Tourism is a significant origin of earning for Kiruna and the encircling district, with about 300,000 tourist-nights every year (1998). Tours to the mine, the church, Abisko Scientific Research Station and the establishment of Space Physics or Esrange and hunting and fishing are all likely. Tourists tour sami lifestyle, especially in cooperation with winter activities like dog sledding. During summer, there is hiking in national parks like Abisko National Park and in the hills up to Kebnekaise, walking on tracks like Kungsleden and Nordkalottruta, caving, rafting, canoeing and boat tours on lakes. Kiruna Church, constructed in 1912, is one of Sweden's biggest wooden structure. Book holidays to Kiruna with Travel Center and profit from our all-inclusive holidays comprising of cheap flights, affordable accommodations and adjustable booking choices. We at Travel Center are committed to make sure that your holiday to Kiruna is memorable!


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Time Zone

UTC+01:00 hour

Airlines Flying

SAS, Norwegian


Swedish English

Best Time to Travel

June to August

Modes of Transport

Bus, Taxi, Car

Currency Exchange Rate

1.00 GBP = 12.54 SEK

Check out our Top 10 attractions in and make sure you don't miss it

LKAB Iron-Ore Mine

A tour to the deepness of the LKAB iron-ore mine comprises of being transported to the InfoMine – a closed-off part of a mine tunnel, where you could hear amazing census and view shockingly huge mining gears, like the mills utilised to crush ore.


The Stadhus, is a receiver of Sweden's most stunning public construction award back in 1964 and very striking due to its clock tower that accommodates a simple art pile and a strange exhibit of Sami handicrafts, this place is well worth the time you spend to visit it.

Kiruna Kyrka

Kiruna Church is a church structure in Kiruna, Sweden. In 2001, the church was elected the most stunning public construction in Sweden by the Swedish natives. Built from 1909–1912, Gustaf Wickman was the church's designer and the popular altarpiece is a handiwork of Prince Eugen, Duke of Närke.

Jukkasjärvi Church

An ancient church in Swedish Lapland, like something that's collapsed from the sheets of a kids’ storybook, the tiny wooden church is colored red and white, and – for most of the year – covered with heavy snow. The ancient, most chief portion of Jukkasjärvi church goes back to about 1607.

Abisko National Park

Abisko National Park and the Northern Lights are the world's most highlighted encounter. Abisko is a 77 km² national park in Swedish Lapland popular for its pure charm, Nordic fauna and is a tropical (chilly) location for winter adventures and also summer hiking during the midnight sun.


Luossavaara is a mountain in Kiruna, Sweden. It is the location of a now-idle iron ore mine previously run by the Swedish mining company LKAB. Currently, it has a ski lift and hill, and also a hiking trail known as Midnattsolstigen (the Midnight Sun Trail).


A mountain in Kiruna, Sweden that comprises one of the biggest and wealthiest figure of iron ore in the world. The existence of iron in the region was familiar already in the mid-17th century, but at this advanced period transmission lines to this northerly district were quite inadequate to allow any prime use.

Esrange Space Center

The very path to Esrange Space Center is stunning with plenty of reindeer nibbling down the road in the snow. Inside it is very pleasant: spectacular sights, great food and top quality lodging. You could visit the rocket and balloon launch field and also all the antenna stations.


A Great Kiruna Hike, The Midnattssolstigen course is a distinctly marked path from Camp Ripan up to the summit of Luossavaara and then down the ski slope from which you could get an outstanding sight of the midnight sun (and northern lights during the winter).


During winters this is the world popular and authentic Icehotel. In the days 10-18 it operates as a museum and everyone could tour this very exceptional and mystical site and view the ice and snow carvings first hand. After 18 it is only open for the tourists that actually would stay a night in one of the many snow rooms.