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Holidays To Girona

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Elegant cafes to lounge in, gothic art to admire and the finest beaches to relax on make Girona a favourite holiday destination. Plan all-inclusive holidays to Girona with Travel Center for super savings. The infamous beaches of Costa Brava are a tropical paradise offering sandy beaches, sunny skies and the pleasure of doing nothing apart from indulging in fun water-sports. Hike, bike or trek the gorgeous nature reserves and discover the volcanic wonders of La Garrotxa. Girona borders the Catalan Pyrenees offering excellent slopes and ski-resorts. Exceedingly beautiful the region boasts the finest museums, Gothic architecture, Roman towers and scenic stone-ramparts. Amble along the winding streets and enjoy shopping at the finest designer boutiques, open-air markets and antique stores. Relax at the lovely street-cafes. Explore the historical ‘Old Town’ and Jewish quarter where the magnificent Gothic Cathedral is a treat to explore. Located between the sea and impressive mountains of Spain, Girona offers mild climates, sunny weather and the warm hospitality of its fun loving people. Thriving night-clubs, discos, music-bars, theatres, street-music and jazz festivals are yours to enjoy in this vibrant city. Get the best holiday deal when you book all-inclusive holidays to Girona from Travel Center. We offer the cheapest flights and the best affordable family accommodation together with flexible booking options. Plan your holiday to Girona today!


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UTC+01:00 hour

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British Airways, Ryanair, Jet2, Vueling Airlines, Norwegian



Best Time to Travel

December to February

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Bus, Taxi, Car

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Although the present Cathedral building’s impressive façade – built in the 14th century – is fascinating for its Gothic styling, the cathedral itself is believed to have been made in the 5th Century over what is believed to be a Roman Forum. Audio guides are available for those willing to explore it.

Museu d’Història dels Jueus de Girona

Until 1492, Girona was home to the second largest Jewish population in Spain. This excellent museum shows genuine pride in Girona’s Jewish heritage without shying away from the less salubrious aspects, such as persecution by the Inquisition and forced conversions. This museum also displays contributions made by the Jewish community.

Museu d’Art

Containing over 8500 works of art, mostly from Girona and its surrounding areas, this art museum impresses with its sheer scale and variety of its collection. Housed in the 12th to 16th Century Palau Episcopal, this museum contains items ranging from Romanesque woodcarvings and stained glass windows to modernist paintings.

Basílica de Sant Feliu

Girona’s second great church – after the Cathedral – is the Basilica, best known for its truncated bell tower. The patron saint of the city – St. Narcissus – is venerated in the basilica in an enormous marble and jasper baroque side chapel. An audio guide is included in the tour to the basilica.

Museu d’Història de Girona

This museum showcases Girona’s history from the Roman era to the present day. The museum itself is set within 18th-century cloisters, lending an authentic antique feel to your journey of discovery. Highlights of this fascinating museum include a great exhibition illuminating the 3rd and 4th century Can Pau Birol mosaic.

Museu del Cinema

If you might think this museum is all about the silver screen, you need to improve your expectations. This museum looks into why humanity longs to indulge its imagination, probing the origins of visual storytelling, such as shadow puppets from China and India. There are lots of interactive displays here.

Passeig Arqueològic

Girona’s medieval walls offer a wonderful walk that lets you appreciate the city’s landscape from above. There are several points of access, the most popular being across the street from Banys Àrabs, where steps lead up into some heavenly gardens, where town and plants merge into one great organic masterpiece.

Monestir de Sant Pere de Galligants

This beautiful Romanesque Benedictine monastery, built in the 11th and 12th centuries, has a sublime bell tower and a lovely cloister featuring otherworldly animals and mythical creatures on the capitals of its double columns; there are some great ones in the church too. This monastery is home to Museu Arqueològic.

Banys Àrabs

Although modelled on earlier Muslim and Roman bathhouses, the Banys Àrabs are a finely preserved, 12th-century Christian affair in Romanesque style. The baths contain an apodyterium (changing room), followed by a frigidarium and tepidarium (with respectively cold and warm water) and a caldarium (a sauna) heated by an underfloor furnace.

Museu Arqueològic

Girona's Museum of Archaeology, located within the Monestir de Sant Pere de Galligants building, is home to several old school exhibits that date from prehistoric to medieval times. Some of the more celebrated works include intricate Roman mosaics and some medieval Jewish tombstones that show off the city’s unique history.