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Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia and is the country's largest city located in the country’s south-western end occupying both banks of the Danube River and the left bank of the Morava River. It is the political, cultural, and economic center of Slovakia and features many attractions such as museums, theatres, galleries and other places of historic importance. Travellers on holiday to Bratislava will love the many attractions the city has on offer. Some of the more popular attractions include Bratislava Castle, Michael’s Gate, Devin’s Castle, the Slovak National Theatre, Church of St. Elizabeth and Slavin a memorial built to commemorate the thousands of Soviet soldiers who died liberating the city during World War II. The best place to start visiting Bratislava is the Old Town complete with small pedestrian streets lined with 18th century structures and buildings and sidewalk cafes. Visitors on holiday to Bratislava will also appreciate the city’s close proximity to nature. Enjoy long walks or hikes along the beautiful Danube River which winds across the city or along the lush vineyards just outside the city. Book an unforgettable holiday to Bratislava with Travel Center and take advantage of our all-inclusive holiday packages complete with low cost flights, affordable accommodation as well as our flexible booking facilities. Travel Center will ensure that your holiday to Bratislava is truly memorable!


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Time Zone

UTC/GMT +1:00 hour

Airlines Flying

Czech Airlines



Best Time to Travel

July to August

Modes of Transport

Taxi, Bus, Car, Railway, Trams

Currency Exchange Rate

1.00 GBP = 1.36 EUR

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Bratislava Castle

This castle, left in ruins in the early 19th century, and in an on-going phase of reconstruction at present, dominates the southwest of the old town on a hill above the Danube. Most buildings inside the castle contain administrative offices, but a museum that showcases Slovakian history can be seen.

St Martin's Cathedral

Although its interior is relatively modest, the history of St Martin’s Cathedral is as impressive as it is elaborate. Between 1563 and 1830, as many as eleven Austro-Hungarian monarchs, including ten kings and Queen Maria Theresa, were crowned in this large church, which has its roots in the 14th century.

Most SNP

This bridge, colloquially known as the UFO, is a modernist structure across the River Danube. Built in 1972, it comes with an impressive viewing platform that allows you amazing views of the city, and a restaurant in the lower deck. The viewing deck is free for patrons of the restaurant.

Museum of Jewish Culture

This museum contains three floors of exhibits, out of which the most moving experience is seeing the photographic and physical evidence of the significant Jewish community and buildings that were lost during and after World War II. Black and white photographs show the neighbourhood and synagogue before they were destroyed.

Hviezdoslavovo Námestie

This long tree-lined plaza is lined with embassies, restaurants and bars. Located in the southern extremity of the pedestrian zone, its attractions include the ornate 1886 Slovak National Theatre (opera house), and the neo-baroque 1914 Reduta Palace that houses the Slovak Philharmonic and is home to a €1.5 million organ.

Hlavné Námestie

This gorgeous city square is outlined with café tables and is best known as the site of a multitude of festival performances that take place every year. Among its attractions are Roland’s Fountain, built in 1572 as a sort of fire hydrant, and the Old Town Hall, built in 1421.

Monument of the Slovak National Uprising

This iconic bronze monument has been created in Nám SNP to honour the antifascist uprising for which the square is named. It is also the place where huge crowds gathered in November 1989 in the days leading up to the fall of communism and the separation from the Czech Republic.

Slovak National Gallery

The Slovak National Gallery is co-hosted by two very different buildings – a socialist modernist building and an 18th century palace. The diverse range of art exhibited here ranges from Gothic to graphic design. Experiments with free admission started in 2014, and very soon it might even become a permanent feature.

Bratislava Forest Park

An amazing hiking and biking experience is to be had at this vast hilly forest park. There is also a cable car in operation, but going at ground level is a much more holistic experience. The forest is also marked by the Kamzik TV mast complete with a vista-endowed restaurant.

Devín Castle

Remnants of the 9th Century Devin Castle, situated 9km west of the city of Bratislava, are a dream for hard-core castle enthusiasts. The military playground of the 9th century warlord Prince Ratislav, this castle and its grounds are filled with historical intrigue. The castle is linked to Bratislava by bus.