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One of the world's prominent cities, Moscow (Russian Moskva) is the metropolis of Russia, Moscow envelopes a region of around 386 square miles (878,7 square kilometres), its external border being approximately outlined by the Moscow Ring Road. Nearly all the region past this highway has been appointed as a Forest-Park Zone, or greenbelt. Acting, music, and art are significant in the city's life. The State Academic Bolshoi ("Great") Theatre 1825, Maly ("Little") Theatre, and Moscow Art Theatre ("MHAT") are mainly famous. Of the various museums and galleries, Moscow Kremlin, the State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, the State Tretyakov Gallery and the Andrei Rubliov museum are mostly striking. Tretyakov Gallery and A. Rubliov museum displays an exceptional selection of Russian images and portrayals. Specially, the most renowned Russian figure - the Trinity statue by Andrei Rubliov (JPG file, 220K) has being conserved in the Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow) from 1927. The weather is somewhat global; the winter and summer climates notably differ annually every year. Discover this destination by booking all-inclusive holidays to Moscow with Travel Center comprising of affordable flights, cheap lodging and adjustable booking options. Plan your holiday to Moscow right now!


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Time Zone

UTC/GMT +4:00 hours

Airlines Flying

Aeroflot, British Airways, EasyJet, KLM, Finnair



Best Time to Travel

April to May, August to October

Modes of Transport

Car, Taxi, Bus

Currency Exchange Rate

1.00 GBP = 107.82 RUB

Check out our Top 10 attractions in and make sure you don't miss it

The Kremlin

The home of the Russian President and an old fortress with enough history to engage even the most selective of tourists for plenty of days. It has been the residence to Russia's leaders for generations and was proclaimed a world heritage site by UNESCO.

The Red Square

Historic, huge and encircled by trends of structures from various eras. The Kremlin is on its western part, the State History Museum on its north, the stunning GUM department store on its entire eastern portion, and the world popular tinted arched roofs of St. Basil's Cathedral on the south.

Seven Sisters

A group of similarly designed massive structures governing the horizon of Russia's metropolis. These ‘Stalinskie Vysotki' (Stalin's high constructions), also known as the Seven Sisters, were a costly decorative declaration that took form in the post-war periods. A complex blend of Russian Baroque and Gothic trends.

Moscow Metro

The Moscow metro is one of the most valuable appeals to visit in Moscow due to its stunning ancient section of design blended with current patterns: tall roofs, majestic chandeliers, golden decorations, curved gates, collage pictures, illustrations on the walls and plenty of features one should certainly look at!

Moscow State University

Situated on Sparrow Hills adjacent to Moscow River and established in 1755, it is the most ancient university in Russia and one of the country's most reputable and top universities. The current structure was finished in 1949–1953. The university's tallest portion is 36 floors and 194 metres high.

Gorky Park

The park consists of bike rental depots, a pleasant business region with Wi-Fi, open-air movie theatre and a greenhouse where you could purchase fresh greens like basil and lettuce. To view the sky and the stars, go to the watchtower and see through the telescope while hearing captivating tales from astronomers.

The Cathedral of Christ the Savior

Worth touring as much for its excellent sparkling images as for the captivating, yet intense past inside its walls. Positioned boastfully on the northern edge of the Moscow River, the church was initially constructed to celebrate Russia's triumph over Napoleon in 1812.

The Bolshoi Theatre

One of the most emblematic trademarks, and one of the great ethnic riches of Russia. It has lasted as a distinctive structural appeals and a real religious landmark – a real gem in the crown of the Russian metropolis. The theatre possesses world popular artists in ballet and opera, and also its personal orchestra and brass band.

Flea Market in Izmailovo

Izmailovo became an art fair where illustrations, crafts, mementos were sold on the Serebryanka river bank in the XVII century. Ideal location to hold personally distinct eras of Russian past, converse with various Russians, not just Moscovites, and view a broad scope of strange, remarkable, advanced objects which show everyday life of Russians.

All Russian Exhibition Center

With around 150 displays every year it engages 2,375,000 square metres of which 266,000 square metres are utilised for indoor displays, situated not far from VDNH metro station. Established in 1939, the leading plan of the entire compound was to publicize and reveal accomplishments of chief Soviet businesses: farming, various productions, and technical creativity in each region.