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Holidays To Romania

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Romania is one of the big countries of Europe (the extent of the United Kingdom or about half of France), with occupants of nearly about 22 million residents. Together with the Romanians, Hungarians, Germans, Serbs, Turks and other groups who also stay in the country. There are various tourist appeals in Romania: some are distinctive in the world, as the charming monasteries of Bucovina with their chapels absolutely coated with 16th century frescoes on the exterior walls, materializing amid hills and forests as a decorated Bible unlocked on all the pages. Special is also Transylvania - "the Land across the woods" (also titled as Siebenbürgen in German), an extensive territory of Romania with its beautiful gothic towns and castles at the dune of the Carpathians, wealthy with valuable Saxon traditional riches. Romania is likely also the last place in Europe where you could still see spotless landscapes, with the customary country community still living. Book holidays to Romania with Travel Center and gain from our all-inclusive holidays which consist of affordable flights, cheap lodging and adaptable booking options. We at Travel Center are committed to make sure that your holiday to Norway is unforgettable!

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Travel Tips for when you're in Romania

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Time Zone

UTC+02:00 hours

Airlines Flying

British Airways, Blue Air, Ryanair, Wizz Air, TAROM


Romanian, Hungarian, German

Best Time to Travel

July and August

Modes of Transport

Subway, Car, Taxi, Metro, Bus

Currency Exchange Rate

1.00 GBP = 6.16 RON
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