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Perched in northern Poland’s coastline, Gdańsk is a historic city that prides itself on being one of the most picturesque cities. Abounding with rich heritage and history, holidays in Gdańsk are favoured for being among the best destinations in Europe for a weekend city break. Given the city’s famous connection to the sea, travel to Gdańsk is replete with waterfront attractions in addition to several other interesting places to explore as well. One of the most famous attractions in Gdansk is Gradova Hill. Standing 50 meters high, Gradowa Hill is an interesting place to visit and it’s one of the more unusual sights in Gdańsk owing to its historical past. The hill is an excellent panoramic point from where you can see the spectacular views of the entire city. Known as the Jerusalem Bastion in the 20th century, Gradowa Hill still has many rooms that were used for military purposes. The Hill also has a science center called Hewelianum Center in honour of a very famous astronomer in Poland. Located in the heart of Gdansk is St. Mary church. Also known as the Mariacka Basilica, St. Mary Church is a huge gothic church. This church is also the tallest building in the city and can house up to 25,000 people. While the church is simple from the outside, the interiors of it are extremely beautiful and visitors can climb right to the top of the church by climbing the 409 steps leading to the top where they can catch a stunning view of the city - a sight well worth the climb.

Żuraw Crane is one of the main attractions in Gdansk. The Żuraw Crane was used as an old gate to the city and was also used to lift cargo from ships for hundreds of years. Built in the 15th century and partially burnt in 1945 and restored afterwards, the original structure of the Żuraw Crane has not survived to this day but it stands as a testament to Gdansk’s historic connection with the sea, making it an important landmark of the city. Gdansk is famous for its pretty streets and Mariacka Street tops the list. This street leads from the promenade and its signature feature is the elegant staircases with beautiful handrails leading to the entry of each house on the street. This street makes you feel instantly at home and a walk along it will bring you to some other key attractions of the city and give you an authentic feel of the ambiance and vibe of Gdansk. For a glimpse into some fine exhibits, visit the European Solidarity Centre. Located in the Gdansk shipyard, the European Solidarity Centre is a new museum that has also quickly risen to be the among the best attractions in the city. The Center, which has an interesting architecture to resemble that of a ship, is home to a wonderful series of thought-provoking exhibits giving credit to the Solidarity movement. Travel to Gdansk promises to be a thrilling experience. With an abundance of sights to see and places to explore, tours in Gdansk, particularly over the weekends, are a preferred option for many who are looking for a relaxed and easy holiday. Talk to our travel experts here at Travel Center to book your holiday with us. Take your weekend out, de-stress from life and book flights to Gdansk to embark on an unforgettable holiday!


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