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Windmills, wooden-clogs, beautiful canals and colourful tulips are the age old wonders of Amsterdam. While on the flip side ancient traditions intermingle with new age galleries, stylish restaurants and liberal thinking. Discover Holland on a relaxing break, it’s easy with all-inclusive holiday packages to Amsterdam from Travel Center. Uncover the wonders of each district where 17th century history embraces the relaxed friendly ambiance of pedestrianized streets and squares. Canal tours are great journeys of discovery. Check out the historical Canal District for beautiful canal houses and picturesque old bridges. Admire history, culture and art as you browse Van Goh Museum, Anne Franks House and Palace on the dam. Fall in love with gorgeous Tulip fields and be amazed by the Floating Flower Market. Shopaholics indulge for the markets of Amsterdam are stunning. Anything and everything is available here at flea markets, black markets and antiques Markets. Curious travellers head over to the Red-Light district and check out the ancient trades De Wallen district is most touristy and quite interesting. Surprisingly Amsterdam offers beachside activity, manmade of course but plenty of fun. The vibrant beach fronts boast restaurants, lively DJ music, kid’s games and even delicious cocktails. Benefit from the cheap flights, affordable accommodation and flexible booking options offered with all-inclusive holiday packages from Travel Center. Helping you discover wondrous Amsterdam!

Valentine's in Amsterdam
Amsterdam: Where Love Blossoms in the Canals – A Romantic Valentine's Getaway

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Dutch Grand Prix™ 2024
A chance to see the exciting return of the Dutch Grand Prix™ in 2024 at Zandvoort

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Amsterdam Light Festival
Enjoy the Incredible Light Festival including with flight & Hotel stay

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UTC+01:00 hour

Airlines Flying

British Airways, easyJet, Jet2, Flybe, CityJet


Dutch, English

Best Time to Travel

March to June, September to November

Modes of Transport

Plane, Train, Taxi, Bus, Car

Currency Exchange Rate

1.00 GBP = 1.36 EUR

Check out our Top 10 attractions in and make sure you don't miss it


This early 14th century former convent includes tiny houses in a well kept courtyard. The catholic order of unmarried or widowed women who lived here were known as the Beguines. The chapel and church located here are called ‘Begijnhof kapel’ and ‘Englese Kerk’ and was where the Beguines worshiped. It now serves as the city’s Presbyterian church.

Amsterdam Tulip Musuem

This unique museum offers a look into the history of the country’s favourite flower, the Tulip. Learn how Ottoman merchants first found the flowers in the Himalayan steppes, how many fortunes were made and lost during the 17th century’s Dutch ‘Tulipmania and how bulbs were used for food in the war years all through exhibits, timelines and two short films.

Royal Palace

Originally opened as a town hall in 1655 it became a palace in the 19th century. It was built by Jacob Van Campen. The interiors are made of marble and the citizens hall has a floor laid with maps of the world. Audio tours are available at the entrance and will clearly explain all you need to know about the palace.


The premier art trove of the Netherlands is home to Rembrandts, Vermeers and over 7500 other masterpices spread over 1.5km of gallery. The highlight in this museum is the works of the Golden Age where Rembrandts ‘The Night Watch from 1642 takes center stage. The sculpture studded garden outside is free to view.

Anne Frank Huis

Drawing nearly one million visitors annually, this museum focuses on the life of Anne Frank. There is a reconstruction of Anne’s bedroom and her famous diary is displayed in a glass case. The most important part of the museum is the rear house which has also come to be known as the secret annexe where Anne and her family hid before being betrayed and sent to their deaths.

Musuem het Rembrandtthuis

This museum is completely dedicated to the artist Rembrandt and is located where he ran Netherland’s largest painting studio. Filled with etchings and sketches there is also a collection of Rembrandts belongings which include seashells, weaponry, Roman Busts and military helmets.


Considered to be one of Amsterdam’s most magical places, Vondelpark is a vast expanse of English gardens accompanied by ponds, lawns, footbridges and winding footpaths. The park takes on a party atmosphere when tourists and locals alike come out to the park for some sun and fun. It’s never ever too crowded to enjoy.

Hermitage Amsterdam

This museum is housed in a building that was built in 1681. Two of the permanent presentations that are exhibited here are the Netherland’s and Russia relations exhibition and the exhibition detailing the history of the Amstelhof Building where the museum is located.

Oude Kerk

The oldest surviving building in Amsterdam from 1306 and is located in an unusual place for a church as it is surrounded by red light district windows. The stunning muller organ, 15th century carvings, and famous tombstones one of which is Rembrandts wife’s tomb. Art exhibitions are held here often and you can climb the tower on a guided tour.

Nieuwe Kerk

This church was a historic stage for Dutch coronations. Built in the 15th century, the interior of this late gothic basilica has stained glass windows, a bronze choir screen, a carved oak chancel and a massive organ. It is now mostly used for exhibitions and organ concerts.