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Travel to Bijela which is a seaside town in Herceg Novi City, Montenegro. It is situated north of Herceg Novi, by the Verige channel of the Bay of Kotor. The 2003 survey chronicled 3,748 inhabitants, and it’s 13 km away from Herceg Novi. The storyteller Andrija Zmajević declared that the 16th-century Pope Sixtus V descended from a family emanating from the region of Bijela. Based on Andrija Zmajević, the future Pope's father, Piergentile di Giacomo, was born in the settlement of Bjelske Kruševice nearby Bijela and proceeded to Italy to getaway from the Ottoman takeover. Even if you're touring Bijela for a couple of days or are a native, holidays in Bijela are certain to have something fresh for you. This metropolis is situated quite near a main metropolis Budva, Montenegro. Put Budva onto your holiday schedule, it has a fascinating cluster of pursuits to do on your holiday such exploring the Altstadt, Citadel and Tara Bridge. Also, to get to Bijela, you'll need to get on a flight to Budva; so it’s not actually a detour. And even if it is, the metropolis is worth touring at least for a couple of hours. Many online deals to this metropolis are of 1-2 days. Book flights to Bijela and experience this seaside settlement in Montenegro, it’s talked about mostly as a synonym or as the birthplace of attractive Boka ship constructers. Even now there is a ship construction business, because the custom of reparation and ship construction originates from the period of the forefather of Herceg Novi, Bosnian king Tvrtko. So plan your travel to Bijela and make sure you learn more about the attractive Boka ship constructers.

You could tour Bijela if you are visting Herceg Novi or some other seaside town by a craft: yacht, sailing boat etc… If you are a brilliant art lover, and you relish the exploring of traditional ancient shrines, or you are an admirer of historic structures, then during your tours in Bijela you could see one of the important ancient locations which is the chapel of Rize Bogorodice (RIZE HOLY MOTHER OF GOD) from the XIV century. It has some prized murals. In the area there are also a few other churches to tour like: Sveta Gospoda (ST. GENTELMAN) (XVII), Sveti Petra (ST. PETER) (XIX), and also the church Sveti Vraci (ST. SORCERERS). Bijela also has two very fine hotels: “Park” and “Delfin”. Also, if you love Bijela that much that you want to spend the rest of your holiday in it, there are private boarding homes, cafés, eateries and of course spectacular white beaches to visit. Talk to the travel experts at Travel Center to book your next holiday to Bijela and plan your next trip to this seaside town in Montenegro. Explore this town and you’ll also see that it’s a trip of a lifetime that’s worth taking, it’s uncommon and not the usual destination you would think of to tour but it offers everything that you would want to experience on an unforgettable holiday.


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UTC +2:00 hour

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Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian

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April to October

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