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Holidays To Xemxija

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Tranquil tropical paradise Xemxija welcomes you to enjoy a relaxing break, family holiday or romantic getaway. Rejuvenate and relax in tropical climes. Simply book the all-inclusive holiday packages to Xemxija with Travel Center. Located to the north of St. Pauls Bay the island is surrounded by rocky beaches where the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean have made Xemxija a favourite spot for snorkelling, diving and swimming. Cross over the bay and discover Mellieha Bay where Malta’s most popular stretch of sandy beach is found. Xemxija may not have a thriving nightlife but what the island offers in ways of tropical bliss is far more conducive. Enjoy the relaxing ambiance, laid-back nature of the locals and gorgeous weather. Xemxija is accessible all year round. Spring is quite refreshing, the summers warm and balmy while autumn and winter sees mild breezes and cooling climes. If you do crave a spot of nightly action, nearby Malta is a great treat with bars, clubs and loads of party atmosphere Plan your holiday with ease, book the all-inclusive holidays to Xemxija from Travel Center and enjoy cheap flights, affordable accommodation for the whole family and flexible booking options. Plan that tropical family vacation in the soothing climes of Xemxija and rediscover yourself amongst friendly locals, glistening seas and swaying palms. Discover Paradise-Discover sunny Xemxija.


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Time Zone

UTC+01:00 hour

Airlines Flying

Air Malta, Ryanair, Thomson Airways, British Airways, EasyJet



Best Time to Travel

June to September

Modes of Transport

Vaporetti, Water Taxis, Car, Bus

Currency Exchange Rate

1.00 GBP = 1.36 EUR

Check out our Top 10 attractions in and make sure you don't miss it

Underground Flour Mill

Multiple underground flour mills around Malta were created by the British Services as a civil defense system when there was an imminent threat of nuclear war to make sure that the people had a supply of food all the time. One of these mills can be found in Xemxija. The flour mills were created from live rock and had self-sufficient power to run them. Every one of the mills were underground and have now been developed. The mill at Xemxija is one of the mostly intact ones and is open for viewing by the public.

Rock Cut Tombs

The Xemxija rock tombs are a very significant site. Excavated in the 50’s, the items found here date back to the Ggantija phase along with some Tarxien pottery, axe amulets and animal bones. The tombs are located halfway along the Triq bil-Preistorja road at the top of the small rise. The tombs are made of limestone and are lobed. It’s a good place to visit if you want to build up a picture of Maltese Prehistory.

Roman Apiaries

These Apiaries are ancient beehives that are located in Xemxija on the slope of a hill overlooking St. Paul’s Bay. The hives have a doorway that runs into a passage that is parallel to the façade and has been pierced with holes. Each one of these holes had a cylinder shaped beehive that was laid on its side. These Apiaries are now open to the public who can go inside and explore them.

Arrias Battery

Built by the Order of St. John around 1715 – 1716, the Arrias Battery is located in Xemxija Bay. It was constructed as a coastal fortification around the islands. It was named after the knight Emmanuele Arrias. Later on the fortification became the summer residence for the Borg Cardona family. Since then multiple alterations have been made to the building most of them during the 20th century one of which includes the addition of a second floor to the blockhouse. Today it is used as a restaurant known as ‘The Fortress Wine and Dine’.

Megalithic Temples

There are two of these megalithic temples in Xemxija. One is a ruin of a Chalcolithic temple that has never been excavated and which has now been preserved and the structure here forms a large area that has been enclosed by walls. A smaller structure has also been found at the same place but its purpose has not been found yet. The other is from the Temple Period between 3600 – 2500 BC of which the only surviving evidence is a large horizontal slab and a standing stone.