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Vilnius is famous for its contrasts in the form of modernization and time-honoured charms coexisting in perfect harmony. It’s amazing to note that there is a trendy cafe for every baroque church and a modern work of art in an old cobbled street. The fact that this city encapsulates the best of both worlds makes holidays in Vilnius an enchanting experience. Travel to Vilnius will reveal a rare authenticity that has an almost dream-like quality to it. But beneath all of this, Vilnius isn’t ashamed to hide its battle-worn scars when its Jewish community was destroyed in WW11. The reminders of this loss echoes everywhere and the city has a number of mementos that are dedicated to the Holocaust, one of which is the Museum of Genocide Victims. No culture trip to Vilnius is complete without a visit to the Museum of Genocide Victims. Owing to its significance as a former KGB office, torture chamber and prison, this museum also houses some interesting exhibits that paint a very moving picture of Lithuania’s history. Another attraction of historical relevance that is also very important to Christianity is the Gates of Dawn which is the only remaining city gate from the city wall that once surrounded Vilnius. There is a small chapel inside the Gates that has an icon of the Virgin Mary without Baby Jesus. Hill of Three Crosses is another key attraction in Vilnius. Believed to have been erected in the 17th century by Franciscan monks, the Hill of Three Crosses pays tribute to fellow monks that were murdered. Originally, the crosses were made out of wood but it began rotting over time and hence, were replaced with stone ones. The crosses were demolished by the Soviets and was later rebuilt by sculptor Henrikas Silgalis.

Gediminas' Castle - For a glimpse into history, pay a visit to the Gediminas' Castle. Built in the 1400s, today, not much of the Gediminas' Castle remains other than the Upper Castle. This Upper Castle is one of the most revered historic landmarks in Lithuania and a walk along the hill allows visitors to have a closer look at the brick structure and also take in the stunning panoramic view of Vilnius' historic old town. Don’t forget to explore Pilies Street which displays some of the best architecture in Vilnius. This cobblestone street leads to Gediminas’ Castle and a stroll along it is a great way to catch life in Vilnius as it goes by. This street also has some of the best souvenir shops in Vilnius so it’s a great place from where you can indulge in some shopping before heading over to the cosy cafes for a cappuccino. With so much to explore, holidays in Vilnius is unlike any other. From scenic views and venerable church spires to modern attractions and much more, tours to Vilnius will cover the best of what this city has to offer. Contact Travel Center to book your holiday to this destination as you explore and experience the charm of this city. Get in touch with our travel experts who will help you in every stage of your travel, right from having to book flights to Vilnius to ensuring that you enjoy the most luxurious holiday.


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UTC +2:00 hour

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Ryan Air,British Airways, Lufthansa, Austrian


Lithuanian, English, Russian

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June to August

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Buses, Trolley Buses

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1.00 GBP = 3.80 LTL