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Riga in Latvia is famous for its art nouveau buildings and has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These art nouveau buildings are the largest collection in the world and have the distinction of reflecting the city’s entire history from 1201 to the present day. One of the main features that mark Riga is that it has easy air, rail and road connections so that visitors can get around with supreme ease. You will never experience a moment of boredom in this lively city that has many interesting museums such as the Riga Art Nouveau Museum which is the youngest of the Riga museums. The Riga Zoo is one the oldest zoos while the city plays host to lots of music festivals, especially during the summer months. Be you a jazz, rock or even an opera lover there is sure to be a music festival to suit you! A holiday to Riga will take you on a journey like no other. All inclusive holidays to Riga by Travel Center take care of all the details such as booking cheap air tickets, securing affordable accommodation and arranging tours that suit your specific interests. Riga is a city that is rich in culture and has an interesting ancient history that is just waiting to be explored, so plan your holiday to Riga today!


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Time Zone

UTC+02:00 hours

Airlines Flying

Ryanair, Wizz Air, Lufthansa, Finnair, Austrian Airlines



Best Time to Travel

May to September

Modes of Transport

Bus, Taxi, Car

Currency Exchange Rate

1.00 GBP = 1.36 EUR

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Riga Cathedral

The Riga cathedral was founded in 1211 as the Riga Diocese first as a catholic church and then as Evangelical Lutheran. This is the largest medieval church in the Baltic. The architecture in the cathedral is a mix of styles from the 13th to the 18th centuries. Even though services were forbidden during Soviet times, it underwent a careful reconstruction. Services in the cathedral have now resumed.

Blackheads House

This house was built in 1344 as a fraternity house for the Blackheads Guild of Unmarried Merchants. The original house was destroyed in 1944 but the original blueprints survived the destruction and an exact replica of the house was built in honor of Riga’s 800th birthday.

Art Musuem Riga Bourse

The city’s art treasures have been showcased here in this restored former stock exchange building. The exterior features dancing deities on the windows and the interior has sparkling gilt chandeliers that hang from ornately moulded ceilings. The museum has an Oriental section that features Chinese and Japanese ceramics and an Egyptian mummy while the main halls are devoted to Western Art.

Freedom Monument

The Freedom Monument, also affectionately known as ‘Milda’, is located between Old and Central Riga. With finances provided by public donations it was designed by Karlis Zale in 1935 and was erected where a statue of Peter the Great once stood. The monument with inscriptions and symbols carved on it stands for Latvians struggle for independence.

Pilsetas Kanals (City Canal)

What is today the city canal was once the city’s old moat and protected the medieval interior from invaders. The ravine has now been turned into a thin belt of stunning parkland that seperates Old and Central Riga.


The Esplanade is a large park with trees, wooden benches and open air cafes and is perfect for a nice evening with the family. The park is flanked on either side by the Latvian National Musuem and the Russian Orthodox cathedral. A monument to Latvia’s most celebrated writer, Jainis Rainis is found in this park.

St. John’s Church

Built in the Gothic and Baroque styles between the 13th to 19th centuries, St. John’s Church is first mentioned in the incident where citizens installed catapults on its roof and attacked Livonian knights. It was used as a stable and granary after which it was handed over to the Lutherans who still have control over it today.

Zanis Lipke Memorial

This modern labrynth memorial is dedicated to Zanis Lipke, a good hearted man who during the Nazi occupation found a job with the German air force which enabled him to help 56 people out of the Riga ghetto under the pretext of using them as labourers and hid them in his house which now serves as the memorial.

Corner House

Many Latvians remember this as being the local headquarters of the Soviet secret police. This house saw everything from arbitrary arrests to tortures and executions. It now houses an exhibition dedicated to victims and perpetrators of political repression. Art exhibitions are also held in the courtyard.

Riga Motor Musuem

This unique motor museum exhibits the cars of Soviet luminaries such as Gorky, Stalin, Khrushchev and Brezhnev and along with the cars include life size figures of the men themselves. The museum has now been reopened after reconstruction in late 2015.