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Holidays To Lake Como

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Lake Como is a large inland lake in the Lombardy region in northern Italy. Its shape and structure indicate that it is a lake of glacial origin. It is the third-largest lake in Italy with an area of 146 sq. km. (56 sq. mi.). It is also one of the deepest lakes in Europe. Lake Como is by no means a new tourist destination. It has a history of being popular among the aristocrats and the affluent since Roman times. Holidays to Lake Como can be spent leisurely or at a hectic pace. Scenic boat rides, watersports adventures, hiking on the lake shore, or just visiting the lovely towns and villages that surround the lake are all activities one can be a part of. Lake Como is well known for its affiliation with the rich and famous, and large majestic villas dot the shore of the lake’s more attractive areas. Travel Center offers all inclusive holidays to Lake Como, and makes sure yours is a memorable one. Get in touch with one of our experts today, and leave everything to us. Book holidays to Lake Como with us and experience this large lake in northern Italy at its very best.


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UTC+01:00 hour

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British Airways, Vueling Airlines, CityJet, Air France, Swiss Airlines



Best Time to Travel

April to August

Modes of Transport

Bus, Taxi, Car

Currency Exchange Rate

1.00 GBP = 1.36 EUR

Check out our Top 10 attractions in and make sure you don't miss it

Duomo (Cathedral)

The 14th-century cathedral is clearly medieval, a marble front featured by comprehensive stone sculptures and figures throughout a rose window, bordered with exquisite sculpted peaks. Until you enter you won't see why this church is seen as Italy's excellent sample of the 14th-century change from Medieval to Renaissance manner.

Museo Archeologico

Nearby the cathedral are the neighboring museums of excavation and past, the initial packed with an uncommon selection of relics uncovered in native revealing’s that provide looks into the existence of the former human colonies. The current and well-illuminated exhibits make this museum mainly attractive.

Basilica di Sant'Abbondio

It's worth the stroll from the hub to view this outstanding sample of a former 11th-century basilica constructed in the Lombard Romanesque style. The high small interior seems more like the former Christian church and is adorned in 13th-century Gothic fresco cycles, in completely great state.


A funicular from the east section of the lakefront rescues the sharp ascent up to the terrace colony of Brunate, nearly straight over Como. The sights surround the town and southern lake, supported by mountains. Climb higher to attain a plateau looking to the north, over a separate view of lake and mountain sights.


Palatial Villa d'Este, sets a high level for lake villas, with plateaued gardens ascending the sheer hill behind it. The rest of the town has an enjoyable holiday aura, and is the beginning tip for a small twisting road up 1,310-meter Monte Bisbino to a crusade church and sweeping sights.

Villa Balbianello

On the lake coast below sharp Monte Crocione, Lenno is very famous for the villa and gardens that engulf Punta di Balbianello, a lengthy cape that bends out into the lake. The Baroque villa, constructed for an 18th-century Cardinal, is encircled by terraced gardens where lake sights are shaped by pillars and handrails.

Villa Carlotta

In Lake Como's lenient location, the Tremezzina Riviera, foliage stays green all winter, so it's no marvel one of Italy's most popular gardens is here. But the 18th-century castle of Villa Carlotta is packed with carvings and portraits, many travellers come to see its excellent hillside of gardens.

Abbazia di Piona (Abbey of Piona)

The 13th-century Cluniac abbey of Piona encircles the 11th-century church of San Nicola and its stunning Romanesque walkway. This small paddock is encircled by exquisite, elegant pillars, each with a distinct stone metropolis sculpted in motifs that comprise of plants and animals.

Villa Monastero

A long flight of rock stairs leads down into the decked gardens of Villa Monastero. The ceremonial beds of local and foreign plants that extend down the coast have their portion of sculptures, porticos, and small shrines, but with an unwinding and casual air.


There's no question that Bellagio is aware that it's the attractive town on the lake, with its surroundings on the long tip where the lake's three arms encounter. No matter which way you look, the sights are excellent and normally shaped by gardens or cautiously kept structures.