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Located in the north of Italy on the Ligurian Coast, Genoa is a picturesque port city that is the birthplace of the famous explorer, Christopher Columbus. Back in the medieval era, Genoa was one of the most affluent trading powers and this legacy of wealth is visible even today in the fine palazzi, magnificent city gates, beautiful churches and plush interiors. With a rich culture, history and heritage, holidays in Genoa promises glorious sights that offers a rich glimpse into the fine life of the days bygone. The seaside resorts of Genoa has always attracted tourists and Cinque Terre tops the list for being one of the most unique places to visit in Genoa. Cinque Terre is a strong of old seaside villages on the Italian Riviera coastline. From cliffside hiking trails to sweeping sea vistas, this destination is a hidden gem that is now famous for being a romantic honeymoon destination, foodie mecca and seaside retreat. Another popular attraction is the historical Via Garibaldi. A World Heritage Site since 2006, Via Garibaldi has been around since the 16th century. Flaunting some stunning palaces, historical buildings, awe-inspiring museums and much more, Via Garibaldi once served as the home to the richest families in Genoa. Today, it encompasses the Palazzo Bianco, Palazzo Doria Tursi and the beautiful Palazzo Rosso. Owing to the fact that a lot of palaces and museums are located here, this street is also dubbed as ‘Strada Museo’.

If exploring the underwater wonders if something that interests you, pay a visit to Acquario di Genova. Known to be the biggest and best of all aquariums in Europe, the Aquarium of Genoa is home to some 15,000 animals that belong to 400 species which include sharks, penguins, dolphins, birds, amphibians and reptiles. This is also the only aquarium in Europe that has Antarctic fish species in it. San Lorenzo cathedral is another popular attraction in Genoa. Located near Piazza de Ferrari and the Palazzo Ducale, San Lorenzo cathedral was built in the early medieval era. The cathedral contains ancient pre-Christiansarcophagi and Roman ruins in addition to a valuable collection of historic jewelry and silverware. The interiors of the church was designed between the 14th and 16th centuries and its artistic highlight is Lazzaro Tavarone’s ‘The Martyrdom of St. Lawrence’. Camogli - Drive an hour further from Genoa and explore the beautiful village of Camogli- a perfect summer retreat for those who would like to spend their holiday away from the crowds. Nestled in between Portofino Mountain and the brilliantly blue Liguarian sea, Camogli is a quaint little town featuring multi-coloured houses, beautiful restaurants, a lovely harbour and a magnificent fortress atop a rocky promontory. If travel to Genoa seems tempting for you, then the only way you can satisfy your thirst for this glorious city is if you book flights to Genoa and embark on an unforgettable adventure. Here’s where Travel Center can help you. Get in touch with our travel experts who are available around the clock and we will be glad to arrange comprehensive tours in Genoa as you explore the old world charm in the land from where Christopher Columbus embarked on his journey of exploring the world.


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