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The beautiful city of Florence is an unforgettable experience. Be it a romantic getaway, family vacation or summer treat the city will capture you. All-inclusive holidays to Florence from Travel Center cover the diverse regions of this interesting city. Home to Renaissance art scenic Florence sits on a basin in the Arno River. Experience the finest art and architectural masterpieces of Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Giotto and Michelozzo. Plenty of attractions demand your attention such as the Cathedral, Uffizi, Bargello and Academia. Churches of Santa Maria Novella and Santa Croce house the world’s finest art while the genius of Michelangelo is reflected in the architectural wonders of San Lorenzo library. Enjoy horse-riding and excursion treks across lush parks. While the wetlands of Padule-di-Fucecchi ,is famous for bird-watching and sights of heron and water-animals. Shopaholics indulge as local artisan creations in gold intermingle with the best haut-couture. Enjoy the numerous festivals including colourful boat-processions and Finocchion festival of dancing, singing and food. Dine on Florentine-steak, fresh pasta and famous Cantucci. Wash it down with the finest wines brought back from a visit to the famous vineyards of Chianti. Experience Florence in all its glory with all-inclusive holiday packages from Travel Center we include cheap flights, affordable accommodation and flexible booking options. Relish the romance and magic of a holiday in Florence!


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Time Zone

UTC/GMT +1:00 hour

Airlines Flying

British Airways, Vueling Airlines, CityJet, Air France, Swiss Airlines


Florentine, Tuscan, Italian

Best Time to Travel

May to July

Modes of Transport

Bicycle, Taxi, Bus, Tram, Car

Currency Exchange Rate

1.00 GBP = 1.36 EUR

Check out our Top 10 attractions in and make sure you don't miss it

Il Duomo – Cathedral of Santa Maria Del Fiore

The most popular site in Florence the Duomo cathedral began in 1296 and was consecrated in 1436 and can hold upto 20,000 people. The exterior is made of green, pink and white marblewith elaborate doors and statues while on the interior 463 steps leads to Brunelleschi’s Dome which is considered a true masterpiece.

Piazza Della Signoria and Palazzo Vecchio

This famous square is the heart of the historic center and a free exhibit of open air sculptures. One of the statues here include a copy of Michaelangelo’s David. The square has been a political center since the middle ages. Inside the palazzo are decorated public rooms and private apartments that can be visited.

The Baptistery

One of Florence’s oldest buildings, the Baptistery of John the Baptist was built in the 11th century. The outer part is made with green and white marble with bronze doors and the interior is made with mosaics and a marble pavement of the zodiac.

Campenile Bell Tower

This bell tower is located in the Piazaa del Duomo and has 414 steps that leads to the top for a stunning view of Florence and its surroundings. The tower stands at 278 feet and was constructed in 1334.

Ponte Vecchio

The Ponte Vecchio or Old Bridge in English was built in 1345 and was Florence’s first bridge across the Arno River and as of today is the only surviving bridge from medieval times. The bridge is lined with shops that sell gold and silver jewellery. The bridge gives a beautiful view beyond the Arno River.

Galleria Degli Uffizi

This gallery holds the world’s most important collection of renaissance art and also Italy’s most crowded museum. It holds thousands of paintings from medieval to modern times and a collection of antique sculptures, illuminations and tapestries.

Galleria dell AcademiaQ

This gallery holds painting and sculptures from the 13th to 16th centuries. One of the most famous sculptures in the world, Michaelangelo’s David can be found in this gallery along with other sculptures by him. It also has an interesting collection of musical instruments.

Boboli Garden and Pitti Palace

This large park is located on a hillside in the middle of Florence behind the Pitti Palace. The beautiful gardens and fountains here make for a relaxing environment. The Pitti Palace was once the seat of the Medici family and has eight galleries featuring art, costumes, jewellery and apartments.

Santa Croce

This large Franciscan church holds the tombs of important Florentines including Michaelangelo and Dante. The interior has stained glass windows and frescoes. The Cappella Dei Pazzi, one of Brunolleschi’s most important works can be fund here.

Giardino Bardini

Named after art collector Stefano Bardini, this garden has all the features of a Tuscan garden which includes artificial grottos, an orangery, marble statues and fountains. The interior of the villa holds the works of Italian painter Pietro Anigoni. The 3rd floor of the villa includes a roof terrace.