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Bari is the metropolis of the Apulia district of Italy. It's the mezzogiorno's (Italy's south) biggest city following Naples, and a busy business hub and dock. Bari is the biggest and most significant city of Apulia and positioned on the Adriatic coast. It's mainly popular for being one of the departure doors of Italy, where tourists depart on boats for adjoining countries. The old portion of the city, known as Bari Vecchia by natives, literally Old Bari, is a stunning gothic region you should not ignore. Take a walk and get lost in the labyrinth of Bari Vecchia and try not to miss the romantic Basilica of Saint Nicholas with its gold roof, its crypt and the splendid throne of Bishop Elias. In the same quad, also the Palazzo del Catapano and the Church of Saint Gregory are worth a tour. Even historic (but later renovated in baroque style) and evenly fascinating is the romantic Cathedral of Saint Sabino. Take a stroll down the waterfront, on the peak of the ancient city walls and pass by the Fortino of Saint Antony, an old castle lately turned into a present-day art museum, and the old Monastery of Saint Scolastica (presently a portion of the University). Book holidays to Bari with Travel Center and profit from our all-inclusive holidays which include affordable flights, cheap lodging and flexible booking choices. We at Travel Center are devoted to make sure that your holiday to Bari is unforgettable!


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Time Zone

UTC+01:00 hour

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Ryanair, Alitalia, Swiss Airlines, Air Berlin, KLM



Best Time to Travel

June to August

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Bus, Taxi, Car

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1.00 GBP = 1.36 EUR

Check out our Top 10 attractions in and make sure you don't miss it

San Nicola

The basilica that was constructed to accommodate the artefacts of St. Nicholas initially looks simple, huge, and rather unapproachable. But a closer glance divulges attractive features in the sculptures around its portals, where stone animals appear to protect the entrances.

San Sabino

San Sabino, has significant remnants of Norman adornments, it was finished at the end of the 12th century, look for signs of the former church's floor in the transept. Inside the church are the debris of Saint Columba and artefacts of other saints.

Bari Vecchia (Old Town)

The small roads of the old town, some of them more like passageways, entwine into an airy maze as they twist and turn down the small cape at the northern tip of Bari. Amid its charming old homes are plenty of churches and even more shrines concealed in its walls and small courtyards.

Castello Castle

Initially a Byzantine-Romanesque structure, rebuilt by Frederick II in 1233 in Norman-Swabian manner. Bona Sforza transformed it into a castle in the 16th century, attaching the ramparts and corner towers over the ditch. The structure now accommodates a fascinating museum with duplicates of Apulian-Norman carvings and brief art displays.

Lungomare Nazario Sauro: A Seafront Promenade

Lungomare Nazario Sauro is a splendid seafront plateau running down the ancient port, the Porto Vecchio. Arrive here during the morning to view fishermen unpack and sell their catch at the pier, or anytime to see the colorful boats in the port.

Borgo Murattiano

The business and commercial hub of Bari, divided from the ancient town by the lengthy, wide Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, its roads, unlike those in the ancient courtyard, are straight and in a neat mesh, bordered by stylish constructions, most of which date to its former 19th-century start.

Piazza Mercantile

There are plenty of pavement cafés and restaurants which are famous native meeting places, a much-worn stone lion is positioned alongside the pillar. Piazza Mercantile mixes at one point into Piazza del Ferrarese, where you'll discover the triple apse of the Romanesque Vallisa church, one of the city's most ancient.

Pinacoteca Provinciale (Provincial Art Gallery)

This gallery accommodates well-lighted current galleries displaying works from the 11th to the 19th centuries. There is a great selection of portraits by southern Italian and Tuscan artists, mostly from the 19th-century, plus works of the Macchiaioli school of Italian mimics.


The beautiful town of Altamura is still somewhat encircled by its ancient walls; the striking cathedral was constructed by Frederick II in 1231. The stunningly sculpted doorway on the chief front, from the 14th or 15th century is the cathedral's principal appeal.


This historic city dates back to the 13th century BC, when Bronze Age inhabitants lived here. Start at the outstanding museum for an overview, even though the text is all in Italian, the ancient chain is clear, and the displays comprise of materials discovered in excavations that bring the area to life.