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Land of the Celtics-Ireland is an interesting choice of holiday destination, get there and the timeless island will amaze you, the friendly people will steal your heart and the gorgeous scenery will woo you to stay longer. Book all-inclusive holidays to Ireland from Travel Center and set off on a great adventure. Picture-postcard Ireland is represented in the glistening lakes of Leitrim and Roscommon counties, timeless beauty of southwest peninsula, tempestuous splendour of County-Donegal and rolling hills of Connemara. Cross the mighty Atlantic to rugged Skellig Michael and fancy yourself a brave-Viking from days of yore. Ireland of the past is represented in the charming little pubs, most locals nip into for a warming drink and nothing completes your Irish experience until you spend a summers-eve sipping a pint in the cosy confines of a thatch-roofed Irish-pub. Explore modern Belfast, admire Derry’s-Political Murals, marvel pre-historic ruins of Bru-na-Boinne while the grandeur of Irish-monarchy is reflected in the ruins of Glendalough-Clonmacnoise. Summer-fests here include flower-festivals and literature-fairs. Ireland is a great-entertainer enjoy; rock-sessions in Limerick saloons, happy-traditional music of the west and classy theatrical numbers in Dublin. Experience this marvellous country by booking all-inclusive holidays to Ireland from Travel Center, we include the cheapest flights, best budget accommodation and give you flexible booking options. Relish the Celtic-heritage-wild scenery and enjoy the Craic!

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Time Zone

UTC+00:00 hours

Airlines Flying

British Airways, KLM, Norwegian, Air France, germanwings


English, Irish

Best Time to Travel

June to August

Modes of Transport

Taxi, Bus, Car, Train

Currency Exchange Rate

1.00 GBP = 1.36 EUR
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