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Holidays To Reykjavik

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Stunningly beautiful Reykjavik capital is Iceland’s tourist hub. Book all-inclusive holidays to Reykjavik from Travel Center for a great family holiday or journey of self-discovery and enjoy unlimited possibilities. You can discover Reykjavik by foot, a marvellous pathway and walking structure is available for maximum enjoyment of the gorgeous city. Start off from the coast and make your way past salmon rivers, scenic golf courses and sandy beaches. The old town with its traditional houses is a treat to explore while gem of the city Tjornin Lake located in the city centre is surrounded by a music park, swamp and bird reserve. Feed the ducks on the pond, chat to the locals and relax. To the north is the fjord. Enjoy stunning parks, botanical gardens and the hills and forests of Oskhjulio offering gorgeous views of the surrounding area. Traditional buildings, impressive architecture and Reykjavik Cathedral are must visits. ‘Imagine Peace Tower’ a monument erected in honour of John Lennon is a marvellous tower of light projecting its beacon across the city. The city offers great restaurants and cosy bars for enjoying local hospitality while shopaholics will not be disappointed with the impressive collection of shops. All-inclusive holidays to Reykjavik include cheap flights, affordable accommodation and flexible booking options experience an unforgettable holiday in a wintery paradise of fabulous proportions.


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Time Zone

UTC+00:00 hours

Airlines Flying

British Airways, EasyJet, Thomson Airways, Icelandair, WOW air



Best Time to Travel

June to August

Modes of Transport

Bus, Taxi, Car

Currency Exchange Rate

1.00 GBP = 192.18 ISK

Check out our Top 10 attractions in and make sure you don't miss it


Laugerdalur was once Reykjavik’s main source of hot water supply and when translated means ‘Hot-Springs-Valley’. Its swimming complex with spas, café, skating rink, botanical gardens, sporting/concert arenas and kids zoo and entertainment park is a favourite with the locals. There is also a farmers market and art museum in the surrounding streets.


The Harpa concert hall and cultural center is located on Reykjavik’s waters edge. Some of the shows held here are free and 45 minute tours of the hall are available . At night the concave and complex glass panels sparkle and is a beautiful sight to behold. Harpa was opened in 2011 and designed by Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson.

National Musuem

Displaying artifacts from settlements to the Modern Age, this museum gives an in depth view into Iceland’s history and culture. The Settlement era exhibit includes swords, drinking horns, silver hoards and a bronze figure of Thor. The modern collections include items from 1600 to today and shows how Iceland struggled under foreign rule before gaining independence.

Old Harbour

Until recently it was used as a service harbour and has now become a famous spot for tourists with musuems and restaurants. The pier of this harbor serves as the starting point for whale watching and puffin viewing trips. It’s the perfect spot for photos with snowcapped mountains in the background.

Saga Musuem

This museum that features lifelike silicon models and multi language soundtracks that include the thudding of axes and bloodcurdling screams is where the history of Iceland is brought to life. You can also get suited up in a Viking dress and watch a documentary about the making of the museum.

Volcano Show

The presenter of this show is cinematographer Vili Knudsen and is held in a little theatre in an outbuilding on a residential street. The films shown here are all about 50 years of Icelandic volcanoes. Some of the footage used is quite old.


This immense white concrete church has been featured on thousands of postcards and can be seen from 20 km away. For an unforgettable view take an elevator trip up the 74.5 meter high tower. The best feature of the tower is the 5275 pipe organ that was installed in 1992. The tower was named after poet Reverand Hallgrimur Petursson.

Krysuvik Geothermal Area

Found here are an expanse of steaming volcano vents and boiling hot springs surrounded by a range of multi coloured hills. The boardwalk that winds through the area has signboards explaining all the important geological facts you may like to know.

Imagine Peace Tower

Created by artist, musician and peace advocate Yoko Ono, the Imagine Peace Tower is designed in the form of a wishing well with a beacon of light emanating from the middle. IMAGINE PEACE has been inscribed on the side of the tower in 24 languages. It is composed of several lights that come together to form one beam.

Whales of Iceland

This relatively new exhibit that was opened in February 2015 takes you into the fascinating world of whales. It is the largest whale exhibition in the world. 23 life size models of Icelandic whale species can be found here from the harbour porpoise to the blue whale. The ambience and the sounds of the exhibit will make you feel as though you are underwater with these majestic marine mammals.