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Kefalonia, or Cephalonia, is the biggest of the Ionians, the series of islands to the west of central Greece and the Peloponessos, preferred by several for their nearness to Italy and the rest of Europe and the absence of Meltemi winds during the summer. It is a green isle, not as damp as Corfu in the north but wealthy in vegetation and during the spring the mountains and meadows are blooming in a variation of wildflowers. Travel to Kefalonia and you’ll see that like Zakynthos in the south, this destination is a nesting ground for the loggerhead turtles which lay their eggs on the southern beaches during June, and the Mediterranean Monk Seal, the scarcest of seals and one of the six most threatened animals in the world. On your holidays in Kefalonia you’ll discover that it’s a place where it's simple to lose yourself, amongst air heavy with oleander and the bells of travelling goats. Its intricate shoreline hides all types of charming bays and beach-fringed inlets. Due to the island's nearness to Italy it is swamped with Italian travelers during July and August. The ideal counsel for visiting during late July and August is don't try it. Book flights to Kefalonia during the off-season and you would be awarded with one of the most stunning and captivating islands in Greece.

Grab Travel Center’s tours in Kefalonia and make sure you visit these places; explore Argostoli, the high-spirited metropolis; located beside a deep cove, it has a trendy appeal that grows on you as you relax in the energetic chief square with the natives, the bulk of whom are night owls, dive in the market, walk down its attractive flagstone roads and drink the popular Robola wine in its friendly cafes and bars, this metropolis of Kefalonia would add a traditional feel to your holidays, visit Mt. Enos: the ‘Black Mountain’; The tallest peak in the Ionian, it takes its title from the black pine (Abies Cephalonica) that once concealed it entirely and breeds nowhere else, it has been a national park from 1962, recognized for its affluence of wild flowers, it’s also residence to a special kind of pony, Equus cabalus, tour Assos: precision in miniature; most people think this small harbor is the loveliest village on the island, you’ll get your initial look of it from overhead, constructed on a slim expanse of land, a couple of homes embrace the coast, keeping their customary Venetian-period personality among a crowd of high plane, poplar, palm and olive trees, the 16th century Venetian palace presiding above the entire scene calls you to hike up to get a closer look, and lastly tour Fiskardo, sailors’ refuge; one more charming miniature, the attractive harbor of Fiskardo is scarcely a secret to sailors and superstar yacht owners, but land dwellers adore it as well for its striking 18th century structures, which offer it a sense of agelessness that trumps the merry uproar in its famous fish eateries and stores. We at Travel Center specialize in holidays to Kefalonia and give you the chance to tour this island which is photographed frequently, spoken about and adored a lot by Greeks and tourists similarly.


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