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Turquoise seas lapping against sandy beaches, stunning countryside’s and secret coves make up the gorgeous Mediterranean Island of Crete. Discover paradise by booking all-inclusive budget holidays to Crete with Travel Center. Enjoy the sun-kissed beaches while sports enthusiasts can indulge in surfing, kitesurfing and sailing. The seas around Crete are home to many colourful marine-life making diving and snorkelling a pleasure. Relax as kids are kept occupied at the wonderful water-parks. Nature has blessed this beautiful Mediterranean island with natural parks and mountains for you to explore. Enjoy the views across the bay as lush flora and fauna surrounds you in a burst of colour. Partake in hiking, mountain climbing, mountain-biking and hand-gliding across magnificent gorges and mountains. Discover the wonders of Crete’s beautiful caves. Mythology and ancient civilizations have left you marvellous artefacts to explore. Encounter ancient temples, drawings and historical monuments dedicated to ancient Gods. Myth and history intermingle for a melting pot of traditions, cultures and cuisine. Enjoy delicious local food and the vibrant nights of dancing under starry skies. There’s loads of fun on offer at the many bars and club in the city. For the cheapest flights and best affordable accommodation check out the all-inclusive holiday packages to Crete from Travel Center we also include flexible booking options for maximum convenience. Get planning today-Discover Crete!


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Travel Tips for when you're in Crete

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Time Zone

UTC+02:00 hours

Airlines Flying

Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa, Aegean Airlines



Best Time to Travel

July to August:

Modes of Transport

Bus, Taxi, Car

Currency Exchange Rate

1.00 GBP = 1.36 EUR

Check out our Top 10 attractions in and make sure you don't miss it

Palace of Knossos

The Palace of Knossos is one of Crete’s most famous historical attractions. It is located 5km south of Iraklio. The palace has courtyards, private apartments, baths and lifelike frescoes. Excavations began here in 1878 by Minos Kalokerinos, a Cretan archeologists and was continued in 1900 by British archeologist Sir Arthur Evans.

Samaria Gorge

A must do experience on a visit to Crete, Samaria Gorge is a famous hiking trail that is 16km in length. During the peak season upto 3000 people hike here and the off season brings about 1000 hikers. Its walls stand 500 meters high and at its narrowest point is just 3 meters apart and a 150 meters at the broadest point.

Iraklio Wine country

Cretan grape varieties are grown here such as Kotisfali, Mandilari and Malvasia. 70% of wine that is produced in Crete comes from this area which is home to almost two dozen wineries. Iraklio has a rich and beautiful environment with shapely hills, sunbaked slopes and lush valleys.

Moni Arkadiou

This monastery has a deep meaning and significance for Cretans as this is where hundred of cornered locals massacred themselves and invading Turks making it an important site in the struggle towards freedom from Turkish occupation. It is located in the hills 23 km southeast of Rethymno.

Dikteon Cave

The mysterious Dikteon Cave is located 800 meters up just outside of the village Psyhro. Legend has it that Rhea hid newborn Zeus here from his father Cronos. Lit by red and green lights it is home to long eared bats. The chamber that Zeus was born in and and stone basins that he drank from are also found here. It covers 2200 square meters and was excavated in 1900.


The island of Spinalonga was carved out of the coast for defence purposes during the Venetian occupation and a fort was built. It was also once used as a leper colony. The Greek name of the island is Kalydon.


Kritsa is a town set atop a hill and has 2000 residents. The people still keep old customs and traditions here and is an important center of Cretan Folk and weaving art. Three fountains and one alleyway found here have been classified as historical monuments. Summer is the peak time for touirsts to visit here.


This is an archeological site 45 km away from Heraklion. It was first inhabited around 3200 BC but evidence of human occupation as far back as 7000 BC has been found here from an excavation that was carried out in 1884. Many Greek myths are attached with this site including that of Europa and Zeus and Gortyn and the Odyssey.

Elafonisi Island

Elafonisi or ‘Deer Island’ is located close to the Southwestern corner of Crete. On a clear day it is possible to walk the island through shallow water. It is a protected nature reserve. The highest point of the island has a plaque that commemorates the tragic event of several hundred Greeks being killed by Ottoman soldiers on 24th April 1824.


This is a castle and scattered settlement on the south coast of Crete. It has an extensive sandy beach which is the basis of a low key tourist industry in the area. It is quite remote and accommodation for visitors is scattered around the flat plain of the castle. The castle was used as a garrison to deter pirates and protect Venetian nobles.