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Over 3000 years of history greets you in sunny Athens. Chock-full of sightseeing the city is ideal for family breaks or memorable journeys of discovery. Book all-inclusive holidays to Athens from Travel Center and discover the ancient wonders of Greece. Get there and start exploring. <ul class="content-li"> <li>The 5th century Acropolis proud symbol of Greek-history,</li> <li>Sit down to a concert at Herodes Atticus Theatre</li> <li>Walk around Ancient-Agora </li> <li>Admire the Temple of Hephaestus, Olympian Zeus and Cemetery of Kerameikos</li> </ul> Athens is home to stunning scenery. Relax under sunny skies surrounded by the beauty of the National Park and climb the Hills of Lycabettus and Philopappas for breath-taking views across the Aegean Sea. Romantic day cruises to sunny Saronic Islands are unbelievable. Tour the Historical Quarter, home to ancient monuments from Roman, Byzantine and Neoclassical eras. The stunning beaches of Attica are complemented by lively resorts, beach-bars and crystal clear waters to cool off in. Beautiful seaside cafes, restaurants and bars offer exotic meals while the clubs and discos scattered throughout the city keeps the party going until the wee-hours. Plan an escape to this exotic city by booking the all-inclusive holiday packages to Athens from Travel Center we include cheap flights, affordable accommodation for the family and flexible booking options. A wonderful city-break awaits you in Athens. Discover the best of Greece-Discover Athens!


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UTC/GMT +2:00 hours

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British Airways, Ryanair, Aegean Airlines, EasyJet, Lufthansa


Ancient Greek

Best Time to Travel

January to February, December

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Bus, Taxi, Car, Trams, Ferry

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1.00 GBP = 1.36 EUR

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The Parthenon is a UNESCO World Heritage site, a symbol of Athens and one of the surviving structures of ancient Greece. It was built in honor of Athena, the goddess of wisdom and war. Parthenon when translated is the Greek word for virgin. Through the years it was used as a church, a mosque and a fortress.

The Acropolis

The Acropolis is the one must see attraction in Athens. It is also known as High City or Sacred Rock. It is a hill that overlooks the city and where the Parthenon is located. The sea and city can be viewed from the Acropolis. It represents the pinnacle of Greek civilization, philosophy and art.

Temple of Zeus

The ruins of this massive temple known as the largest in Greece is located southeast of the Acropolis. Construction began in 515 B.C and was completed in the 2nd century. The original dimensions of it was 96 meters by 40 meters. 15 of the 104 columns still stand while each column is 17.25 meters and have a diameter of 2 meters.

Theatre of Dionysos

This well preserved amphitheatre has two ancient performance venues, the Dionysos Theatre from the 4th century BC is considered the birthplace of European theatre and has great cultural significance and could seat upto 17,000 while the Odeion Theatre was constructed between 160 – 174 AD and could at one time seat 5,500.

Hadrians Arch

Built in the 2nd century in honor of the Emperor Hadrian, the arch was probably constructed around 131 or 132 AD. The marble arch is 18 meters high, 12.5 meters high and 2.3 meters deep. The gateway was originally not part of it but was later incorporated as one of the seven gates in defensive walls against Albanian invaders.

Roman Agora

The Roman Agora is the remains of the Roman marketplace from 19 – 11 BC. Several structures were built as an extension to the original Greek Agora and construction was funded by Julius Ceaser and Emperor Augustus. It was the social and political center of the city.


The Monastiraki or ‘little monastery’ is a flea market located at the foot of the Acropolis. It is well known for its shops and open bazaar type stores. It is surrounded by a mosque that was built in 1759 which is now a ceramics museum and the church of Pantanassa. You can find almost anything for sale here.

Temple of Hephaestus

This Greek temple overlooks the Agora and was constructed in 449 BC. It was the first Athenian temple made of marble. It was slightly altered in the 7th century when it was converted into the Church of St. George Akamas. It was used as a buriel site in the 19th century for protestants who died in the Greek war.

National Historical Musuem Athens

The former residence of King Otto of Greece now has been converted into a museum. The Greek parliament also met year in the years 1875 – 1932. The museum holds artefacts from 1453 to 1940 which include traditional costumes, memorabilia, flags, furniture, medals and personal items.

Panathenaic Stadium

The stadium was first built in 330 – 321 BC for the purpose of hosting the Panathenaic Games which was held every four years. It was renovated in 140 AD with the seats being covered in marble. It could seat around 50,000 spectators. The 2004 Olympic Archery tournament was also held here.