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Cologne is located on the river Rhine, it's the biggest city in North Rhine-Westphalia and the fourth biggest city in Germany with nearly 1.000.000 residents, in the greater region 3.500.000 residents. It is one of the nation's leading media, tourism and business locations. Cologne is famous as been one of the most tolerant cities in Germany. The unique impression to the city of Cologne is frequently connected to the city's occupants, or Kölsche, who take a huge load of joy in their city. Cologne's inhabitants are very warm and cheerful, greeting travellers of all sorts and with all amusements. Cologne has one of the world's leading offerings of museums and galleries for a city of its magnitude. As well as excellent museums of art and excavations, Cologne possess two museums of priestly art, both accommodated in structurally amazing constructions. There is also an ethnographic museum, a chocolate museum, the German Sport Museum and an amplitude of Roman remnant’s. Book holidays to Cologne with Travel Center and gain from our all-inclusive holidays which include affordable flights, cheap lodging and flexible booking options. We at Travel Center are committed to make sure that your holiday to Cologne is unforgettable!


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Time Zone

UTC+01:00 hour

Airlines Flying

Germanwings, Ryanair, EasyJet, Lufthansa, Swiss Airlines


German, English

Best Time to Travel

September to October

Modes of Transport

Bus, Taxi, Car, Trams, Ferry

Currency Exchange Rate

1.00 GBP = 1.36 EUR

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Cologne Cathedral

The Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Mary, is a triumph of High Gothic structure. One of the biggest cathedrals in Europe, it was constructed in 1248 and is deemed the most pioneering construction assignments of the Middle Ages. As splendid as its 157-meter high twin towers is the cathedral's magnificent inner portions.

Cologne's Old Town

As you tour Cologne's many ancient churches and museums, you'll traverse the city's beautiful Old Town districts with its various distinct beauties. Besides the ancient churches like Great St. Martin, you'll find yourself crossing numerous strange passages bordered with customary ancient homes, most now residence to boutique stores, galleries and more.

The Wallraf-Richartz and Ludwig Museums

Accommodated in one of the city's current structural constructions, these two superb galleries present a broad scale of European portraits, The Wallraf-Richartz Museum is especially powerful in the work of the Cologne school, while the Ludwig concentrates on current and present-day illustrations.

The Roman-Germanic Museum

Providing a captivating look into the city's wealthy archaeological tradition from the Paleolithic era to the early Middle Ages. Displays of fascination are the Dionysus Mosaic coming from the 2nd century and the 15-meter-tall funerary memorial of Poblicius from the 1st century, both located in the excavations in the city.

St. Gereon's Church

Romanesque St. Gereon's is perhaps Cologne's most extraordinary church. Constructed on the location of an early 7th-century church, committed to Saint Gereon, this visibly enchanting construction comprises features like its extremely long choir and its many gothic paintings, collages, and historic artefacts.

The Cologne Cable Car

Since its start in 1957 as the initial European cable car to traverse a river - in this instance, the Rhine - the Cologne cable car has transported about 15 million travellers. The sights are, of course, the huge pull, especially those of the Old Town and Cologne Cathedral.

Old Town Hall

The ancient public structure in Germany with a wealthy past going back almost 900 years as the central point of the governing classes in early eras, the construction you see currently mirrors a quantity of various structural effects, plus the 14th-century chief construction, the 15th-century tower, and a Renaissance-manner loggia and cloister.

St. Pantaleon Church

Constructed in the 10th century on the location of an ancient Roman chateau and remodeled during the 17th century, the Church of St. Pantaleon has various captivating trademarks, most particularly the Tomb of the Empress Theophano, the wife of Otto II who passed away in 991 AD.

Altenberg Cathedral

Also noted as the Bergischer Dom, it’s one of the excellent samples of Early Medieval construction in the Rhineland. Constructed in 1259, its luxuriously equipped interior is well worth a tour. Other features comprise of its medieval tainted glass and its various tombs of princes and monks.

Augustusburg and Falkenlust Palaces

Augustusburg is the 18th-century castle of the Archbishop of Cologne. Grandly adorned and equipped, this delightful Late Baroque/Rococo palace is popular for its spectacular staircase hall. Dividing the same park is Falkenlust Palace, constructed in 1740 and a significant section of this World Heritage site.