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Rich in history, arts and culture, the iconic city of Berlin is also a hot spot for discovering the best fashion couture and enjoying the thriving night-life. Now you can experience this fantastic city with all-inclusive holidays to Berlin from Travel Center. Historical Brandenburg Gate is a must visit while culture buffs will love exploring Museum Island, Berlin Cathedral and the Historical Museum for a taste of Berlins colourful history. Wander off to Kurfurstendamm for designer shopping and browsing through trendy galleries. Head on over to the TV-Tower, Germanys tallest structure and be awed by the gorgeous birds-eye view of the city. Relax and unwind as the soothing ambiance of Gendarmenmarkt square takes over when you explore the magnificent interiors of the German Cathedral and Concert-Hall. Make sure you catch a show at Friedrichstadt Palas. Berlin has grown as a trendy artist’s haven. Encouraged and appreciated these creative personalities have added their charm in the form of colourful murals to many parts of the city including the famous Berlin Wall. Go ahead and discover the many stories behind this magnificent city. Book your all-inclusive holiday packages to Germany with Travel Center for the cheapest flights and affordable accommodation. We even offer flexible booking options for maximum convenience. Grab this great opportunity to discover the charms, fashions and trends of Berlin-today! .


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Time Zone

UTC+01:00 hour

Airlines Flying

British Airways, EasyJet, Ryanair, Germanwings, Norwegian


German, English

Best Time to Travel

May to September

Modes of Transport

Bus, Taxi, Car, Trams, Ferry

Currency Exchange Rate

1.00 GBP = 1.36 EUR

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One of Berlins most iconic buildings, the Reichstag has been burned, bombed and rebuilt and it now serves as the home of the German Parliament. It provides 360 degree views of the city and the most notable feature is the glittering glass dome which can be reached by lift.

The Brandenburg Gate

Known as a symbol of division during the cold war, the Brandenburg Gate now stands for the exact opposite of that, as a symbol of German reunification. It was completed in 1791 by Carl Gotthard Langhans. The gate stands over a square which holds the US, French and British embassies.

Holocaust Memorial

This memorial for the murdered Jews of Europe was inaugurated in 2005 and consists of 2711 concrete columns that rise from the ground. It is about the size of a football field and was built by American architect Peter Eisenman. You can start from any point in the maze that you wish and make your way through it.

Charlottenburg Palace

This palace reflects the grandeur of the Hohernzollen clan that ruled the area from 1415 to 1918. First used as a summer retreat, afterwards it was converted into private apartments, festive halls and holds a collection of porcelain paintings from the 18th century. One of the most beautiful rooms in the palace is the private chambers of Frederick the Great which was designed in 1746.

Prater Biergarten

In existence since 1837, Berlin’s oldest beer garden is the best place to try a custom brewed Prater Pilsner. A kids play area is also available if you are travelling with your family and the garden is open every year from April to September and is completely on self-service basis.

Bebelplatz Square

Formerly known as Opernplatz this public square is located in the central Mitt district of Berlin. The square is named after a founder of the Social Democratic party of Germany, August Babel. It was first laid out by King Frederick II of Prussia in between 1741 and 1743 and is the site of the infamous Nazi book burnings that took place on the evening of 10 May, 1933.

Checkpoint Charlie

This was the name that the Western Allies gave to the Berlin Wall crossing point between East Berlin and West Berlin during the Cold War. It became an important symbol during the war symbolizing the separation of East and West. After the war and the reunification of Germany, it became a tourist attraction and now can be seen at the Allied Museum in Berlin.

Hitler’s Bunker

The place where Adolf Hitler spent his last moments before taking his own life along with that of his wife Eva Braun on 30 April, 1945. It was sealed off by the Soviets in 1947 and today is covered by a parking lot and its dark history can only be accessed from an information panel that includes a diagram of the vast bunker network, construction info and the sites post WWII history.

Neue Synagogue

The most visible symbol of Berlin’s revisited Jewish community with its gleaming gold dome, the Neue Synagogue was originally built in 1866 and was Germany’s largest synagogue. Although prayer services are still held here today the modern day synagogue is not so much a house of worship but is more of a museum and place of remembrance called Centrum Judaicum.

Berlin Wall Memorial

This memorial intergrates an original section of the Berlin Wall, escape tunnels a chapel and monuments and extends for 1.4km along Bernaur Strausse. A documentation center on the site provide information such what the border fortifications looked like. The viewing platform provides a great view of both sides.