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Located in north-eastern France, the city of Marne is named after the river Marne which flows through the region. The prefecture or capital of Marne is Châlons-en-Champagne. In fact many do not know that the Champagne vineyards which produce the world renowned sparkling wine, used the world over for celebrations, are located in Marne. Visitors on their holiday to Marnes have quite a few interesting sites to visit. The biggest attraction in the area is the Cathedral of Reims where historically the kings who reigned France were crowned. The bird reserve on the Lake Der-Chantecoq as well as the fishing lakes located close by is also a popular attraction here. Other attractions that would interest visitors on holiday to Marne include the Vineyards near Epernay, Palace of Tau, Carnegie Library of Reims, Fort de la Pompelle, Abbey of Saint-Remi, the Valmy Battlefield, the site of the first major victory by the French army during the Revolutionary Wars which followed the French Revolution, and the Notre-Dame-en-Vaux collegiate church in Châlons-en-Champagne. So book your next holiday to Marne with Travel Center. We are confident that you will benefit greatly from the all-inclusive holiday packages which include low cost flights, affordable accommodation and really flexible booking facilities. Hop on board the next flight and enjoy your holiday in Marne, the home of the Champagne bottle!


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Time Zone

UTC/GMT -5:00 hours

Airlines Flying

Flybe, Air France



Best Time to Travel

June to July

Modes of Transport

Taxi, Bus, Car, Ferry, Walking

Currency Exchange Rate

1.00 GBP = 1.36 EUR

Check out our Top 10 attractions in and make sure you don't miss it

Chateau of Champs - Sur – Marne

This chateau was built for the treasurer Charles Renouard de la Touane in 1699 by Pierre Bullet and was finished by his son Jean- Baptiste Bullet de chambalain in 1706. It was modernized in 1959 and used as a guesthouse for visiting heads of state of the French Union. It was opened to the public in 1974 and has been used in many films since then.

Musee Louis Braille

This is the birthplace of Louis Braille, the inventor of the Braille alphabet which has now been turned into a museum. Some of the exhibits which can be seen here is the church where he was baptized, the town hall and monument erected in his memory in 1889 and the cemetery where he was buried although his body has now been transferred to the Pantheon as a national tribute. The museum is open all year.

Parc Cultural De Rentilly

This park surrounds the Rentilly castle and was owned by the Menier family until the end of the 19th century. It has three parts known as the Formal Garden at the south of the park, a wood simply called ‘The Forest’ perfect for walks and a Landscaped Garden to the north.

Chateaux de Ferrieres

This Chateau was built between 1855 and 1859 by Baron James De Rothschild. It is considered to be the largest and most luxurious 19th century chateau in France. It was designed by British architect Joseph Paxton in the Neo- Renaissance style. The chateau sits on a terrace with a 1.25 square km garden surrounded by a 30 square km forest. It is now open to the public with guided tours.

Chateau De Fontainebleu

Located in 130 acres of parkland and gardens this 1500 roomed royal and imperial chateau is the only is the only one of its kind to be continuously inhabited for seven centuries. It gives you an in depth view into French history, art and architecture. The chateau includes galleries and a theatre, chapels, four musuems, courtyards andgardens and a collection of masterpieces.

Le Parc De Felins (The Feline Park)

This feline park devoted to the family of cats is a breeding center from the larger tigers and lions to the smaller sand cats and margays. About 140 cats live here in natural enclosures and you can find any cat from around the world at this park, be it the white tiger or the snow leopard.

Musee De La Grande Guerre

This musuem presents a newer perspective on one of the 20th century’s most major conflicts, World War 1. The collection of items that are housed here is unmatched to that of anywhere else in Europe. It includes illustrations of the changes and upheavels that took place due to the war. It is a museum of history and society.

The Saint Jean’s Gate and the Ramparts

These ramparts were built between 1226 and 1236 on an order of Thibaud IV of Champagne. It is now a ruin for the most part but surviving upto the present day is a 1200 meter stretch with two gates and several towers. It also includes a dry moat 20 meters in width and 10 meters in depth.

Eglise Saint Quiriace

This church was created between 1019 and 1032 by the Count Eudes. The dome here was restored in 1773. Due to the French Revelution it fell into ruin and was completely rebuilt in 1836 with the dome and the lantern of the building being made in zinc, and again the dome was restored for the third time in the 1950’s.

Millet’s Studio (Atelier Jean Francois Millet)

This museum was once the home of French painter Millet and is full of photographs and mementos from his career. This home is where Millet produced some of his best work one of which is titled The Gleaners.