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Originally a viking fishing village founded in the 10th century, the beautiful city of Copenhagen is the capital and most populated city of Denmark. It is a clean, beautiful and relaxed city which is often described by many as the most beautiful city in Scandinavia! For travellers on holiday to Copenhagen, the city offers an absolute plethora of sites to visit and things to do. Some of the more popular attractions in Copenhagen include the world renowned Tivoli Gardens, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek; an art gallery featuring an outstanding collection of Greek, Egyptian, and Roman artworks, Denmark’s national gallery Statens Museum for Kunst and the famous Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. Copenhagen is also the home of the world famous Legoland amusement park, an absolutely fascinating place to visit with the entire family! Visitors on holiday to Copenhagen will be pleasantly surprised at how closely the city is knit with nature. Copenhagen also features many Michelin-starred restaurants and is also home to the world’s second best restaurant, Noma. Make haste and book your next holiday to Copenhagen with Travel Center. We at Travel Center are confident that you will benefit greatly from our all-inclusive holiday packages that include low cost flights, affordable accommodation and flexible booking facilities. So get on board and book your next holiday to Copenhagen for a truly unforgettable experience!


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Time Zone

UTC/GMT +1:00 hour

Airlines Flying

British Airways, Norwegian, Ryanair, SAS, EasyJet



Best Time to Travel

April to November

Modes of Transport

StoTog, Metro, Bus, Boat, Bicycle, Taxi

Currency Exchange Rate

1.00 GBP = 10.16 DKK

Check out our Top 10 attractions in and make sure you don't miss it

Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens was founded in 1843 and has become a national treasure and an international attraction. It is an amusement park suitable for young and old. There is something for everyone here whether it’s the scenery, exotic architecture, historic buildings, lush gardens and rides. Thousands of coloured lights at night create a feeling of being in a fairytale.

The Little Mermaid

This fascinating sculpture is located at Langelineje Pier. First unveiled on 23 August 1913 it is over 100 years old. It is made of bronze and granite and was sculpted by Edvard Eriksen and was inspired by Hans Christian Andersons story of the mermaid who gives up everything for a prince on land.

Amalienborg Palace

This great work of Danish Rococo architecture was built in the 1700’s and is made up of four identical buildings, Moltke’s Palace, Levetzau Palace, Brockdorrf’s Palace and Schack’s Palace all of which are used as guest palaces for the Danish royal family. The museum here brings you the life of royals past and present.


Found just north of Copenhagen this is the world’s oldest amusement park at 431 years old. The park is located in lush woodlands surrounded by 400 year old trees and 2000 free range deer. It has 33 roller coasters, ferris wheels, drop towers and other extreme adventures. It also has many quiet places to eat or enjoy a cup of coffee.

The National Museum

This museum hosts a wide variety of exhibits from the Stone age, Viking age, Middle ages, the Renaissance and Modern Danish History. It is located in the Prince’s Palace and was built by Nicolai Eigtved in 1743. The collections in the museum include Ethnographical, Classical and near Eastern antiquities, a coin and medal collection and a toy museum.

The Round Tower

This tower was built in the 17th century and is the oldest functioning observertory in Europe. Today it is used by amateur astronomers and visitors. It provides a magnificient view from its outdoor platform. Today the library hall inside the tower serves as a place for exhibitions of art, culture, history and science.


The Glyptoteket is an art museum which was founded by brewer Carl Jacobson in 1888. It contains exhibits of ancient and modern art with a delightful collection of 3500 years of art from Egypt, Greece, Etruscan and Rome. It also houses a winter garden where you can relax and enjoy a snack or a drink.

Experimentarium City

This science center provides the opportunity for kids and adults alike to see and touch science in all its forms and learn about yourself, your senses and your body through experiments such as riding a reverse steering bike, testing your reaction time and guessing the smell. Outdoor activities catering to every season are also available.

Rosenborg Castle

This magnificient castle features 400 years of splendor, royal art treasures and the crown jewels. It was built by Christian IV in the 17th century. The Knights Hall with the coronation thrones and Tapestries depicting battles between Denmark and Sweden are two of the main attractions in the palace.

Visit Carlsberg

Located in Valby in Copenhagen where the first ever Carlsberg brewery was, Visit Carlsberg is the best place to go to to understand how the world famous Carlsberg beer is made. One of the largest tourist attractions in Copenhagen the old Carlsberg brewery from 1847 has been converted into a center for visitors. The tour of the site is about one and a half hours.