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Visit Brussels and be in on the latest travel action. The capital of Belgium has fast developed as the latest to be seen travel destination as many go there for their holidays or even weekend getaways. From the breathtaking architecture to the massive quantity of museums, parks with beautiful paths, and bars and restaurants, Brussels is filled with things to do and see. It is not for nothing that the city has been nicknamed ‘the European Village’. With a holiday to Brussels you can indulge your inner foodie and of course for dessert, Belgium chocolates are a must. Take a bus sightseeing tour of Brussels which is a convenient way of taking in most of the attractions. The Grand Palace is a must visit 15th century town square and the Peeing Boy not too far away are famous attractions. Another grand structure to visit would be the Palais de Justice and take the time to go to Mini Europe Brussels which has miniatures of some of the world’s greatest monuments such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Eiffel tower and Mount Vesuvius to mention a few. Brussels has become a definite must visit and by opting for all inclusive holidays to Brussels the hassle of planning is removed. Travel Center holiday packages help find you cheap air tickets, affordable accommodation and also arrange tours with activities of interest to you.


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Time Zone

UTC/GMT +1:00 hour

Airlines Flying

Royal Brunei, Singapore Airlines, Malaysian Airlines, Thai Airways


French, Dutch, German, English

Best Time to Travel

February to May

Modes of Transport

Bus, Taxi, Car, Trams, Ferry

Currency Exchange Rate

1.00 GBP = 1.36 EUR

Check out our Top 10 attractions in and make sure you don't miss it

Grand Place (Grote Markt)

The city's leading square (famous as Grand Place) is one of the top conserved in Europe, and much of the square's stylish personality is because of the distinctive structure of its graceful Gildehuizen (guild houses) with their splendid ceilings, columns, and handrails, beautifully sculpted stonework, and luxurious gold ornaments.

Mannekin Pis

Famously known as "the ancient inhabitant of Brussels." This statue is encircled by many myths. Based on one, the fountain is a monument to a brave baby who prevented a fire, based on another, it celebrates the son of a count who yielded to a crucial longing while taking part in a march.

Saint-Michel Cathedral

Committed to St. Michael and St. Gudula (the frequent saints of Brussels). This Medieval church was initially established in 1225 but only finished in the 15th century. The front is magnificent, ascending grandly over a wide set of steps and topped with twin 69-meter-tall steeples designed by Jan van Ruysbroeck.

Belgian Comic Strip Center

This attractive 1906 construction, made by Victor Horta, is residence to the marvellous Comic Strip Center, committed to the past of cartoons and comic strips in the country. An always revolving display of 200 genuine comic strip pictures by Belgian and French comic artists is exhibited here.

Place Royale

The most significant structure on this quad, is utilised by the Belgian royal family as a formal home. Encircling the palace are a group of cultural structures possessing neoclassical fronts. The Belgian flag, waved from the roof, indicates the sovereign's existence and a formal Changing of the Guard takes place every day at around 2.30pm.

Belgian Royal Museum of Fine Arts

One of the biggest and top art galleries in the world. The museum grew out of a selection initially established in 1797 and was first accommodated in the earlier palace of Charles of Lorraine. The selection is separated into two portions: The Museum of Ancient Art, and the Museum of Modern Art.


Brussels' famous landmark, the strange 102-meter-tall steel and aluminium construction, made by the architect André Waterkeyn, is the city's most dreamlike sight. The structure portrays a fragment of iron enlarged 165 million times, and tourists could enter the interior where four of the nine orbs are currently utilised for the demonstration of a show about human life.

Northern City Center

The grandly rounded Church of Sainte-Catherine was constructed in 1850 in a mix of Romanesque, Medieval, and Renaissance styles to substitute an earlier structure. Of certain attraction inside is the 14th- or 15th-century figure of a black Madonna and portraits by de Crayer.

Mont des Arts

Designed amid 1956 and 1958, inhabiting the raised site amid the Place Royale and the Place de l'Albertine. The structurally striking compound of huge structures comprises of the Bibliothèque Albert I and the extremely current Palais de la Dynastie and Palais de Congrès.

Notre-Dame du Sablon

The 15th- to 16th-century church of Notre-Dame du Sablon (Onze Lieve Vrouw op de Zavel), normally deemed one of the wonderful Late Medieval churches in Belgium. The insides of the church are spectacular, specifically due to its amazing stained glass.