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Varadero is a popular tourist resort with long stretches of enticing beaches. It used to be the playground for the rich and the famous while today everyone is welcome to enjoy the attractions of Varadero. Holidays to Varadero will give you an idea the effect the Cuban Revolution had on the city as you explore old mansions that are now interesting museums. Beach time is a must when in Varadero as you feel your cares melt away. The warm sand will cocoon you with a sense of well being as the sound of the ocean calms your spirit. If you are looking for a bit more action try your hand at scuba diving which will definitely be an experience with a difference. You can even get a few lessons beforehand if you are a complete novice. The beach areas have open restaurants and bars for you to grab snacks and drinks whenever the craving strikes. Check for all inclusive holidays to Varadero with Travel Center. This way you can spend time in Varadero having fun while your travel needs are taken care of. Book holidays to Varadero and be exposed to new cultures and attractions.


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Time Zone

UTC-05:00 hours

Airlines Flying

Air France, Copa Airlines, Air Canada



Best Time to Travel

November to April

Modes of Transport

Bus, Taxi, Car

Currency Exchange Rate

1.00 GBP = 1.47 CUC

Check out our Top 10 attractions in and make sure you don't miss it

Varadero Beach

One of the best beaches in the Carribean, Varadero Beach is a 20 km stretch along Peninsula de Hicacos. The exotic Varadero Beach showcases extremely soft sand, elegant palm trees, seductive shorelines and silky blue waters. Home to a string of restaurants and resorts, the Varadero Beach features water sports like snorkeling, swimming, kayaking and sailing.

Saturno Cave

An elegant cave complex, the Saturno Cave features an impressive swimming hole that presents a freshwater swim away from the sun. The Cave showcases a stunning sight with stalactites dripping from its roof and stalagmites rising from its depths. Diving from crystallized pillars and snorkeling in the magnificent waters are major attractions of this Cave.

Parque Josone

Located at the heart of Varadero, Parque Josone is an elegant oasis built in the 1940s. Parque Josone features an exotic flower garden, artistically paved pathways, cascading fountains, ornamental bridges, a small lake, a well-designed swimming pool, a cozy restaurant and a guest house. Paddling, gliding and recreation are the featured activities at Parque Josone.

Mansion Xanadu

An incredibly lavish palatial villa, Mansion Xanadu was once the home of a wealthy American - Dupont. The architecture of this mansion features Italian marbles, rich woods and thermal insulated ceramic tiles. Today Mansion Xanadu showcases a hotel, a golf club house, a restaurant, and displays of original furnishings, old photographs and information on Dupont.

Varadero Ecological Park

An exotic nature reserve with a beach, Varadero Park features two limestone caves that feature rock paintings and aboriginal fossils. This Park is home to a variety of plant species, a bird-rich lagoon and a diverse range of insects and lizards. The major attraction of this park is hiking through its narrow trails.


A mesmerizing experience that has cameras clicking, Delfinario features a dolphin encounter at the enclosed saltwater lagoon. At Delfinario tourists are given the exciting opportunity to swim, kiss, cuddle and communicate with dolphins. Delfinario features elegant dolphin shows that visitors can participate in by swimming along with the playful dolphins.

Cayo Piedra Underwater Park

A popular diving and snorkeling destination, the Cayo Piedra Underwater Park features an underwater exploration experience. This Park showcases military equipment, a sunken yacht, an airplane, a missile launching boat, other vessels, an exotic artificial reef, schools of multi-colored fish darting in an out of rusted hulls, turtles, sharks, crustaceans and other underwater species.

Varadero Museum

Housed in an elegant historic beach house, the Varadero Museum showcases the exotic history of Varadero. The architecture of the Museum features balconies and wooden verandahs from a bygone era. The exhibits of this Museum comprises of stuffed animals, antique furniture, old photo displays, and the remains of a two-headed shark.

Coral Beach

A popular tourist excursion, the coral beach features an exotic snorkeling experience. The impressive coral reef of this amazing beach stretches for an extent of over 5 km and comprises 30 different species of corals. The caves, exotic restaurants, bars, boat rides, horseback rides and diving opportunities add to the appeal of the Coral Beach.

Ambrosio Cave

A popular archaeological site, the Ambrosio Cave stretches over an expanse of 300 m. The Ambrosio Cave features pre-Columbian drawings, 5 interconnected galleries, 72 aboriginal rock drawings, and a massive collection of Indian pictographs. Once a ceremonial site and refuge to escaped slaves this cave is now home to hundreds of fruit-eating bats.