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Holidays To Holguin

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Holguin has beaches and better still is the producer of Cuba’s four main beers. So you know holidays to Holguin are going to be super fun. You will find yourself being sucked into the spirit of the city as you enjoy a vacation with a difference. Holguin has many city parks mixing with its other attractions such as the Museo de Historia Provincial with a national monument and was once used as a Spanish army barracks. Check out the Holguin Axe and the sword that once belonged to Jose Marti, the national hero. Get a feel for the city’s culture as you walk around and sample the local cuisine and mingle with the locals. Spend time on the beach for some relaxing time. All inclusive holidays by Travel Center are the best way to experience Holguin. Have all your travel needs from accommodation, to tours, to air tickets taken care of, as you spend time exploring. Book holidays to Holguin and be amazed by this interesting city.


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Time Zone

UTC-05:00 hours

Airlines Flying

Condor, Thomas Cook Airlines, Air Canada, Air Transat



Best Time to Travel

December to April

Modes of Transport

Bus, Taxi, Car

Currency Exchange Rate

1.00 GBP = 1.47 CUC

Check out our Top 10 attractions in and make sure you don't miss it

Bahia de Naranjo Natural Park

An exotic island complex, this Natural Park is spread across an expanse of 1000 acres. Home to mangrove trees, tropical forests and an extensive collection of wildlife, this Natural Park features yacht rides, an aquarium, a recreation area, a golf course, seafood restaurants, dolphin and seal shows and live music.

Hill of the Cross

A must-visit legendary hill, the Hill of the Cross is located 261m above sea level. This hill features 458 steps and benches at the middle of its ascent. The Hill of the Cross has been declared as an archaeological historical monument and features a restaurant, 3 Crosses and a tourist complex at its summit.

Cayo Saetia

An exquisite island that can be reached by sea or air, Cayo Saetia is a wildlife conservation that features safari rides. Cayo Saetia comprises of virgin beaches, a lagoon, an extensive coastline, open plains and dense forests. Zebras, water buffalos, antelopes, deer, horses, cattle, ostriches, parrots and other wildlife can be observed at this island.

BioParque Rocazal

A popular tourist destination, BioParque Rocazal is a National Park that is home to 115 species of plants and a wide range of wildlife. BioParque Rocazal features coastal hikes, scenic horseback rides, relaxing fishing trips, a shaded outdoor restaurant, a working farm, bird watching areas and an exotic coral reef exploration.

Parque Calixto Garcia

A historic expansive square laid out in 1719, Parque Calixto Garcia was once the center for trade and culture. Today Parque Calixto features the statue of General Calixto Gracia as its center-piece and also houses the Holguin Museum, National Monuments, a Ballado Gallery, a cinema, an arts center, a theater and a provincial library.

Campina Taina

A fascinating village, Campina Taina is a picturesque fishing village that features the origins of Cuba. Campina Taina is a life-sized replica of the 15th century aboriginal village that displays the roots of the rum and tobacco civilization. An archaeological site, crafts market, panoramic views and delicious food adds to the appeal of this village.

Cathedral of San Isidoro

A magnificent Cathedral built in 1720 the Cathedral of San Isidoro conserves the mudejar style architecture. This elegant Cathedral features three wide doors, magnificently embedded columns, a triangular front-on ornamental top, wooden roofs and an exotically designed interior. This beautifully designed Cathedral is a popular venue for baptisms and wedding functions.

Cristobal Colon Park

An amazing park that stretches along the Naranjo Bay, this Park is of great historical significance since it is the exact spot that Sir Christopher Columbus landed. The Park is a treasure trove that showcases a unique bio-diverse wildlife that is tucked among the splendid mountains. This Park features hiking venues, recreational areas and eco-reserves.

National History Museum

Housed in an elegant historical building, the exquisite National History Museum features the historical and geographical origins of Cuba. The exhibits of this Museum showcase the natural history, wildlife origins, traditional Cuban music and arts, displays of bird species, the culture and religious beliefs, rock formations, butterfly collections and the famous colored snails.

Parque Carlos Manuel de Cespedes

An iconic landmark in Cuba, this Park was named after Cuban patriot - Carlos Manuel de Cespedes. This extensive park features elegantly landscaped gardens, benches for relaxation, an exotic collection of flowers, well landscaped lawns and historical monuments. The cozy restaurants and fully-fledged shops surrounding this Park add to the appeal of Parque Carlos Manuel.