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Holidays To Havana

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The vibrant and appealing city of Havana has been attracting visitors for decades. Famous for its cigars and rum, holidays to Havana will leave you richer for the experience. Get a feel for Havana’s revolutionary history as you walk around and appreciate its colonial palaces. Be a real Cuban and learn how to roll your own cigar. Grab your very own Che Guevera souvenirs to take back home. Visit Ernest Hemingway’s Havana home. The whole colonial house is interesting to see and you will be grateful for the experience. Of course you have to appreciate the classic cars that drive around the city as you feel as though you have travelled back in time. Make use of all inclusive holidays by Travel Center to experience Havana your way. With all the details such as air tickets and accommodation taken care of you will be left to spend time exploring this famous city. Book holidays to Havana and enjoy an experience of a lifetime!


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Time Zone

UTC/GMT -5:00 hours

Airlines Flying

Iberia, Air Europa, KLM


Spanish, English, Serbian

Best Time to Travel

November to April

Modes of Transport

Bus, Ferry, Horsecarriage, Airplane

Currency Exchange Rate

1.00 GBP = 1.47 CUC

Check out our Top 10 attractions in and make sure you don't miss it

Old Havana

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Old Havana is a downtown city center that comprises a number of well-preserved ancient monuments. The key features of Old Havana are its picturesque fortresses, exotic sea avenues, prominent monuments, stunning palaces, elegant parks, elaborate museum, artistically designed Churches, famous concert halls and opera theaters.


A spectacular and popular tourist destination, Malecon is a broad sea wall that stretches along the coast of Havana. Built to protect Havana from the sea waters, today Malecon is a popular entertainment zone. The Malecon features Cuban melodies, a sports park, elegant hotels, important monumental landmarks and exquisite restaurants.

National Aquarium

An exotic Aquarium built as a research center of marine life, the National Aquarium is now open to visitors. This National Aquarium features an extensive collection of fish tanks, stunning coral reefs, artistic dolphin shows, seal shows, exhibits of natural habitats of sea creatures, exhibits of tropical creatures and restaurants.

Morro Castle

An elegant fortress that guards the entrance to Havana, the Morro Castle is a navigational landmark. The well-preserved Castle features an exhibition of Cuban lighthouses, cannons, four-story high central barracks, an exotic underwater archaeological gallery, a memorial, the current harbor and a turret that offers panoramic views of the surroundings.

National Museum of Fine Arts

Housed in a grand colonial-styled building, the National Museum of Fine arts comprises 2 impressive buildings. One dedicated to exclusive Cuban arts and the other to universal arts. The features of this Museum include rooms landscaped to showcase history and religious beliefs, strong symbolic imageries, exotic sculptures at the entrance and European paintings.

El Capitolio

An iconic landmark in Havana, El Capitolio features a magnificent dome. The most notable feature of El Capitolio is its huge indoor statue of the Republic, known to be the third largest indoor statue in the world. El Capitolio comprises of the National Library of Science, French landscaped gardens, granite pillars and several halls.


A historic monument and icon of Cuban communism, Granma is the revered yacht that was used to transport fighters of the Cuban revolution. Granma is a 60 ft diesel-powered cabin cruiser designed to accommodate people. Today Granma is a glass enclosed memorial that is located adjacent to the Museum of Revolution.

Cathedral Havana

A beautifully designed place of religious significance, the Havana Cathedral features Baroque-style architecture with several Tuscan elements. The most notable feature of this impressive Cathedral is its construction from corals and preserved marine fossils. The Havana Cathedral features 2 asymmetrical bell towers, massive stone pillars, wooden vaults, and an eight-sided chapel.

Jose Marti Memorial

An elegantly designed landmark of Havana, this Memorial is a tribute to Jose Marti - the National Hero of Cuba. This Memorial comprises of a 358ft star-shaped tower, a statue of Marti surrounded by six columns and beautifully landscaped gardens. The tower features an observation deck, an art gallery and rooms depicting the Cuban Revolution.

Gran Teatro de La Habana

Recognized as the Galician center of Havana, this theater is home to the Cuban National Ballet and hosts the International Ballet Festival. This Theater features concert halls, conference rooms, a video screening room, an art gallery, rehearsal halls, a choral center, several theaters, stone and marble statues and sculptures that depict art and music.