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Holidays To Ocho Rios

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Popular tourist resort Ocho Rios is located on the north-eastern shores of Jamaica. Why not soak up some sun and swim in the warm Caribbean with cheap holidays to Ocho Rios from Travel Center. Travel Center has a number of affordable all-inclusive holidays to Ocho Rios for you to choose from. Our affordable hotels and cheap flights are great savers if on a tight budget. Talk to our experts for the best seasons to visit the city and advise on choosing the right accommodation. Visit infamous ‘James Bond’ beach located close to the residence of Ian Fleming, head over to Dolphins Cove and swim with the gentle mammals. Enjoy a hand held chain-link up to Dunn’s River Falls and relish the 900ft waterfall and beach there while browsing the interesting craft shops. Book holidays to Ocho Rios and enjoy rafting on the white water river and browse the amazing 7 craft markets, selling beautiful artefacts and colourful souvenirs. Talk to us today for tailor made holiday packages suited to any budget, our convenient list of accommodation ranges from superior to budget and cover many stunning destinations across Jamaica. Indulge and enjoy a sunny Ocho Rios holiday!


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Travel Tips for when you're in Ocho Rios

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Time Zone

UTC/GMT -5:00 hours

Airlines Flying

Virgin Atlantic, Thomson Airways, Condor, American Airlines, United Airlines



Best Time to Travel

December to April

Modes of Transport

Bus, Taxi, Car

Currency Exchange Rate

1.00 GBP = 176.52 JMD

Check out our Top 10 attractions in and make sure you don't miss it

Blue Hole

If you are an extreme nature lover, you will be fascinated beyond explanation by the beauty of this amazing place. Remaining as an untouched place, Blue Hole is a tremendous creation of the nature. If you are in Ocho Rios, don’t forget to visit this miracle of nature.

Dunn’s River Falls and Park

If you want to enjoy the amazing sight of a gorgeous waterfall and enjoy some adventure, Dunn’s River Falls is the ideal place. If you are physically fit you can engage in some of the thrilling adventures that is available in the park. So make sure to be physically fit while you visit this place.

Sightseeing Tours

You will be able to explore this amazing place if you get a sightseeing arranged with the help of a tourist guide. Qualified tourist guides will accompany you to all the important places of Ocho Rios and explain you everything.

White River

White River is another amazing creation of nature that you will most certainly enjoy. The river which flows through Ocho Rios has earned its name due to the beauty of flowing water of the river. You can ride down the river on a boat if you want to explore more.

Dolphin Cove

If you love Dolphins, you can enjoy some amazing performances of Dolphins in this place. Dolphin Cove is home to a large number of Dolphins and there is no better place that this to have a perfect look at this lovely creatures.

Ocho Rios Beach

Crystal clear water and sandy beaches of Ocho Rios beach makes it an ideal place for you to spend your time. The place has become one of the major attractions of Ocho Rios due to its calmness. You can take a swim and relax on the sandy beaches when you want.

Boat Tours

You can take a boat and ride into the corners of the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. You will be able to enjoy the amazing sights of the great blue ocean. On your way you will come across many different marine species as well. So this is an ideal activity to be engaged in while you stay at Ocho Rios.

River Rafting & Tubing

River rafting is a highly popular adventure event and you can enjoy this adventurous activity while you stay at Ocho Rios. You can raft down the clear waters of the lovely rivers of Ocho Rios. This is a must visit place if you traveling with a group of people.

James Bond Beach

You have read it right, it is the James Bond beach. The beach in which the James Bond movie was made. You can enjoy music, drinks and yummy sea food dishes while enjoying the amazing blue waters and sandy beaches of the area.

Laughing Waters

Laughing water is another heaven beach of Ocho Rios. The glowing blue waters and the golden sandy beaches has made this a paradise. You can have some peaceful time in this amazing beach front if you visit Ocho Rios.