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Holidays To Barbuda

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If you are looking for a true Caribbean getaway that is filed with pristine white sand and shimmering blue waters than head on over to Barbuda. Holidays to Barbuda promise to deliver complete peace and relaxation owing to the island’s untouched almost deserted quality. Become a beach bum and spend hour after hour enjoying the warm sun on your face as you relax on the warm sand, stirring yourself just enough to take a cooling dip or two in the ocean waters. Do not worry though if you prefer more action for you will be thrilled with the snorkelling, diving and fishing that many of the island’s resorts have on offer. Swim in the inviting waters and explore the interesting reefs and even a shipwreck! Barbuda is reachable from Antigua either by air or boat. Thanks to all inclusive holidays to Barbuda from Travel Center this paradise island will be yours for the exploring. Everyone should experience a perfect paradise holiday at least once in a lifetime so go on and book holidays to Barbuda and get that experience. Paradise awaits you; so head on over to Barbuda and experience it!


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Travel Tips for when you're in Barbuda

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Time Zone

UTC/GMT -4:00 hours

Airlines Flying

British Airways, Emirates, Qatar Airways, Gulf Airlines, Sri Lankan Airlines


English, Local dialects

Best Time to Travel

January to March, July to September

Modes of Transport

Train, Bus, Auto Rickshaw, Taxi, Car

Currency Exchange Rate

1.00 GBP = 3.97 XCD

Check out our Top 10 attractions in and make sure you don't miss it

Frigate Bird Sanctuary

Take an amazing ride combined with a helicopter and a boat to the bird sanctuary of Frigate. You will be astonished by the large verities of birds living in this isolated island. Especially if you are a nature lover, this is an ideal place for you to visit in Barbuda.

17 Mile Beach

Enjoy an amazing walk along the beaches that spread over 17 miles at 17 Mile Beach. As indicated by its name, 17 mile beach is a gorgeous sand paradise that spreads long and wide. You can enjoy the serenity of this virtually un-spoilt beauty if you visit this place during your stay at Barbuda.

Coco Point

Pinky sand beaches will be an amazing sight to your eyes if you visit Coco Point. Sharing the westward and the leeward sides of the island Coco Point is a remote and wild destination that will realize your dreamy vacation. Coco Point is a must visit place if you are roaming around Barbuda.

Art Café

Barbuda is a place filled with skilled people. If you wish to see some of the most amazing handmade crafts and arts, Art Café is the place to visit. It is a delightful place filled with amazing creations and the great hospitality of the hosts will make your visit even more joyous.

The Caves at Two Foot Bay

This is another miraculous creation of the nature. The astonishing caves carved into the cliffs create a gorgeous sight and the amazing views from the caves will enhance this wonderful experience. So make sure to visit this amazing place during your journey in Barbuda.

Low Bay

Low Bay is an amazing paradise island located in Barbuda. You can take a boat ride to the amazing low bay and enjoy some quality time. Dining at Low Bay is another excellent experience that you must enjoy during your visit. You can enjoy a wide range of sea food dishes here.

Palmetto Point

Located in the most southwest point of the island, Palmetto Point is a place filled with excitement. While enjoying the magnificent beaches you will also be able to experience a ghostly feel at the hotel in Palmetto point. This will definitely add a valuable memory, so make sure to visit this amazing place.

Palaster Reef

Palaster Reef is another wonderful beach destination of Barbuda. You will be able to take a swim to the reefs in the ocean. The excitement and fun will never end at Palaster Reef. If you are an extreme nature lover, this is one of the most important destinations that has to be added to your tour plan.

Horseback Riding at Light House Bay Resort

Horseback riding is not a new thing. But Horseback riding in the beach is a totally new experience. You will get the opportunity to enjoy this amazing experience at Light House Bay Resort. So make sure to pay a visit to this place and enjoy a thrilling horseback ride.

Darby’s Cave

If you have a great love towards nature and seeks all your pleasure through time spent with nature, this is the best place for you to visit. The amazing caves located in the wild will bring a sense of great satisfaction. It is an ideal get away for anyone visiting this amazing place.