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An outburst of shades, edged by beaches and immersed in rum – the Caribbean is a cheerful mass of islands enticing paradise-hunters. Shaken by music, bowled by alterations, wrapped by aquamarine waters, swept by hurricanes – the Caribbean is always on the move. It’s an active and thrilling host of people and places unfurled across 7000 islands (less than 10% are occupied). But, for all they divide, there’s also much that makes them distinct. Could there be a substantial difference than amid hectic Barbados and its neighbor, the apparently unaltered-since-pioneering-periods St Vincent? Or amid flourishing British-aligned St Kitts and its drowsy, Dutch-associated neighbor Sint Eustatius, just over a small channel? Blue oceans, white beaches, green jungles so striking they literally hurt the eyes – there is nothing low-key about the countryside of the Caribbean. Swim beneath the waters for a color graph of racing fish and corals. Feel the sand amid your toes at any one of a thousand flawless beaches. Book holidays to Caribbean with Travel Center and profit from our all-inclusive holidays comprising of affordable flights, cheap accommodation and adjustable booking options. We at Travel Center are committed to make sure that your holiday to the Caribbean is memorable!

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