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Jakarta is the capital and largest city in Indonesia. It is considered one of the most populous urban regions in the world, and is by far the largest city in Southeast Asia. It is also one of the largest cities in the Muslim world. With a history spanning back to the fourth century, Jakarta is one of Southeast Asia’s most important centres of finance, commerce, education, industry, and culture. Holidays to Jakarta are about having fun in the tropical heat. The choices available to you are unlimited. Visit the many museums and other cultural institutions around the city, and enjoy some authentic Betawi cuisine at any of its restaurants. Jakarta boasts a high level of ethnic and racial diversity owing to the fact that people from all parts of Indonesia immigrate to the metropolis to find employment. It is also home of the Betawi language, which is used for communication throughout the city. Travel Center offers all inclusive holidays to Jakarta, and makes sure yours is a memorable one. Get in touch with one of our experts today, and leave everything to us. Book holidays to Jakarta with us and experience the capital city of Indonesia at its very best.


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Time Zone

UTC/GMT +7:00 hours

Airlines Flying

Emirates, Malaysian Airlines, Qatar Airways, Etihad Airlines, Air China


Indonesian, Malay

Best Time to Travel

July to September

Modes of Transport

Taxi, Bus, Car, Railway, Trams, Boats

Currency Exchange Rate

1.00 GBP = 20344.18 IDR

Check out our Top 10 attractions in and make sure you don't miss it

National Monument (Indonesia)

A 132 m (433 ft.) tower in the middle of Merdeka Square, Central Jakarta, represents the battle for Indonesia. It is the national memorial of the Republic of Indonesia, constructed to celebrate the fight for Indonesian independence. It is crowned by a flame engulfed with gold foil.

Ancol Dreamland

A resort destination opened in 1966 and is presently the biggest united tourism region in South East Asia, possessing a global championship golf track, a theme park, resorts and other athletic features. There are 127 rides at Fantasy World, 8 pools at Atlantis Water Adventure and 8 demonstrations at Ocean Dream Samudra.

National Museum of Indonesia

An archeological, ancient, cultural, and terrestrial museum situated in Jalan Medan Merdeka Barat, Central Jakarta, following the elephant figurine in its alleys. Its wide selections engulf all of Indonesia's region and nearly all of its past. The museum has attempted to conserve Indonesia's history for two centuries.

Istiqlal Mosque, Jakarta

The biggest mosque in Southeast Asia, this national mosque of Indonesia was constructed to celebrate Indonesian independence and titled "Istiqlal", an Arabic term for "independence". The mosque was opened to the community on 22 February 1978. Inside Jakarta, the mosque is located close-by to Merdeka Square and the Jakarta Cathedral.

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

In the city’s far southeast, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is a ‘entire country in one park’. This 100-hectare park has extensive customary homes for each of Indonesia’s regions, with exhibits of territorial handicrafts and clothing, a small-scale Borobudur, an orchid garden and a bird park.

Jakarta History Museum

The structure was constructed in 1710 as the Stadhuis (city hall) of Batavia. It opened in 1974 and exhibits items from the prehistory era of the city region, the establishment of Jakarta in 1527, and the Dutch settlement era from the 16th century until Indonesia’s Independence in 1948.

Wayang Museum

A museum committed to Javanese wayang puppetry, the museum has a selection of different types of wayang, like wayang kulit and wayang golek. It also exhibits different selections of wayang and dolls from countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Suriname, China, Vietnam, France, India and Cambodia.

Ragunan Zoo

A 140-hectare (350-acre) zoo situated in Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta, it is residence to around 270 kinds of animals, 171 species of vegetation, and hires around 450 people. Most of the animals are threatened and endangered from all sections of Indonesia and the rest of the world.

Merdeka Square, Jakarta

Calculating one square kilometer in district, if the encircling fields inside the Merdeka Square are incorporated, it is deemed the biggest square in the world or one of the biggest. At its core stands the National Monument, encircling that is now a park with a musical fountain in the eastern part, and a deer paddock where deer roam freely.

Maritime Museum (Indonesia)

Situated in the former Sunda Kelapa port region in Penjaringan Administrative Village, it concentrates on the marine past of Indonesia and the significance of the ocean to the wealth of current-day Indonesia. The museum exhibits replicas of fishing boats and other marine items from various sections of Indonesia.