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Holidays To Lantau Island

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Book your next vacation to Lantau Island, one of Hong Kong’s famous Outlying Islands that is now a hot tourist spot famed around the world. An exclusive holiday to Lantau Island will take you to a riveting mix of the old and new: stylish, savvy malls, lush green landscapes, and historic monasteries that will transport you to another time and place! Lantau Island is home to the Hong Kong Disneyland, which is perfect if you’re travelling with your kids, or if you simply want to recapture the magic and wonder of your childhood. Go on fun rides, explore exciting areas such as Fantasyland and Tomorrowland, and feast on quality cuisine sprinkled with a special Asian touch! Culture vultures can soak in the stunning majesty of the Tian Tan Buddha, an impressive Bronze Buddha statue that soars 24 metres and weighs over 250 tons. Enjoy simple vegetarian fare at the restaurant and breathe in the serene spirituality of the site. Explore the Po Lin Monastery below the Tian Tin Buddha. This intriguing retreat was established in 1906 by three monks from mainland China. Beach bums should relax and unwind on Discovery Bay, famed for its golden beach and tranquil turquoise waters. So book your next all inclusive holiday to Lantau Island with Travel Center, your convenient online portal for deals on flights and accommodation!


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Travel Tips for when you're in Lantau Island

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Time Zone

UTC+08:00 hours

Airlines Flying

British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Virgin Atlantic, Emirates, Japan Airlines



Best Time to Travel

October to November

Modes of Transport

Railways, Bus, Ferry, Taxis, Airplane

Currency Exchange Rate

1.00 GBP = 11.41 HKD

Check out our Top 10 attractions in and make sure you don't miss it

Ngong Ping

Ngong Ping was developed as a tourism project to provide a thrilling experience to visitors. A ride on the Ngong Ping will glide you across the Tung Chung Bay up to Lantau Island in 25 minutes. Travelers can enjoy panoramic views of the park, sea and airport from the cable-car.

Tang Lung Chau

Declared a historical monument Tang Lung Chau is one of the few surviving pre-war light houses in Hong Kong. The light house is a 11.8 meter tall tower that consists of a brick keeper's house. Now automated and unmanned, this tourist attraction offers visitors absolutely amazing views of Lantau Island.

Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars

This steel roller-coaster takes riders on a drive around the Big Grizzly Mountain that is 27meters tall. Taking many twists and turns, this roller-coaster takes passengers on a reverse ride before stopping at the station. This roller-coaster ride features two Audio-Animatronic bears and a backwards section to create an unforgettable experience.

Sunshine Island

The Sunshine Island also known as Chau Kung To, features beautiful scenic rocks and abandoned buildings that were once a drug addiction treatment center. The landmarks of the Sunshine Island include the Datum Rock, Douglas Rock and the Silver Mine Bay amking it an attraction that’s well worth the visit.

Tian Tan Buddha

Famously known as the Big Buddha, this large statue of the Tian Tan Buddha symbolizes a harmonious relationship between man and earth. A popular tourist attraction, the Tian Tan Buddha was constructed using 202 bronze pieces. Visitors have to climb up 268 steps to reach this world-renowned statue of Buddha.

Wisdom Path

A work of outstanding artistry, the Wisdom Path runs along a large-scale outdoor wood inscription. The unique concept behind the wisdom path is the stunning 3-dimensional visualization of 2-dimensional calligraphy. This amazing piece of art has visitors appreciating its calligraphic beauty as well as the philosophical value of the carvings.

Tai O Fishing Village

Located in the western coast of Lantau Island, the Tai O Fishing Village with its picturesque setting, active surroundings and scenic mountains is a photographer's dream. A visit here will give you the opportunity to have a stroll along the bustling market and a boat ride to explore the harbour.

Pink Dolphin Watch Cruise

Pink dolphins are rare endangered species that can only be seen in the Hong Kong waters. Book a cruise with the Hong Kong Dolphin Watch Organization to sail through the waters and watch the dolphins. This cruise is a truly unforgettable experience that will enhance your knowledge about the dolphins.

Po Lin Monastery

Po Lin Monastery is a colorful temple adorned with red walls, yellow roof tiles and lotus flower floor patterns. Though the monastery is a popular tourist destination, the temple has not lost its religious traditions and essence. The authentic vegetarian food served here is relished by visitors the world over.

Hei Kang Chau

Located in the East of Lantau Island, Hei Ling Chau was once a leper colony. Today Hei Ling Chau consists of 2 temples and is home to endemic species including the Bogadek Legless Lizard. Also known as the Island of Healing, Hei Kang Chau offers visitors serenity, peace and tranquility.