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The Kingdom of Cambodia is a Southeast Asian state surrounded by Vietnam to the east, Laos situated to the north, Thailand to the northwest, and the Gulf of Thailand to the southwest. Book all-inclusive holidays to Cambodia from Travel Center and enjoy the stunning Southeast Asia destination. Climb up to the kingdom of the gods, Angkor Wat. Dive into hell at Tuol Sleng Prison. With a past which is both motivating and heartbreaking, Cambodia provides an exciting present. In spite of possessing the eighth wonder of the world in its back garden, Cambodia’s true jewel is its natives. The Khmers have been to hell and back, fighting through years of carnage, shortage and government uncertainty. Thanks to an everlasting spirit and contagious hope, they have triumphed with their smiles unbroken. No tourists leave without a portion of respect and fondness for the locals of this mysterious realm. Just as Angkor is more than its wat, Cambodia is more than its shrines, and its urban regions could shock you with their experience. Disorderly yet fascinating metropolis of Phnom Penh is a restored city meriting praise for its stunning riverside position, ethnic rejuvenation, and world-class wining-and-dining site. Second city Siem Reap, with sophisticated cafes and a various nightlife, is as much a destination as the neighboring emblematic Angkor temples. And budding Battambang, remindful of Siem Reap prior to the arrival of the majority of travellers, beauty with elegant French construction and a flourishing modern art scene. Go ahead quench and relish the best of Cambodia, merely book all-inclusive holidays through Travel Center and gain from the inexpensive flights, cheap family lodgings and versatile booking choices. The friendly natives as well as the fantastic sites draw you to Cambodia!

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Travel Tips for when you're in Cambodia

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Time Zone

UTC+07:00 hours

Airlines Flying

Singapore Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Asiana Airlines, Qatar Airways, Thai Airways


Khmer, French, English

Best Time to Travel

November to March

Modes of Transport

Bus, Boats, Bikes, Tuk Tuk

Currency Exchange Rate

1.00 GBP = 5941.77 KHR
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